Essence "Love.Joy.Care" & "Winter? Wonderful!" LE - First Impressions / Blogmas Day 31

Hey loves, it's new year's eve, so I wish you happy new year!! :)) It's also the last day of my Blogmas, I can't believe I did it. I blogged for the whole month of December :D That's pretty amazing in my book ;) 

Today I'll share my first impressions on two of the Essence products. I picked up one from their latest Love.Joy.Care limited edition and one product is from the Winter? Wonderful! LE, and they're both still available in the stores, so you can still buy them.

The first product I actually ordered on because I ordered some other products, it is from the Love.Joy.Care limited edition. This LE didn't really convince me at first, but then I decided to buy the smoothing cuticle &  nail care oil because my cuticles were really bad this month.

It's basically oil with vitamin E, avocado & soya oil that moisturizes your cuticles and supposedly helps to grow your nails. Let me tell you, it smells really amazing :) 

It doesn't leave a sticky residue and it really moisturized my cuticles. It also made my nails super shiny, so that's a plus! :) Can't say about the growth yet, because obviously I haven't used it enough to judge ;)

The second product I got is the crystal lip balm from the Winter? Wonderful! limited edition. This LE also didn't appeal to me really. When I saw the preview I wasn't really excited for anything, but than I saw this pretty lip balm in the store, and had to get it :D the glitter attracts me, what can I say :P

It has A LOT of little glitter particles, which don't really show up on the lips, which is a shame, because I bought it because of that. 

It has a scent, which is quite strong, to me it smells really weird, it reminds me of some kind of plastic. Also, it does have an extremely disgusting taste, very weird. I wouldn't recommend this product really, there are much better lip balms on the market.

Let me know your opinion, if you have tried this two products, I'd especially like to hear opinion about the lip balm, I don't know if I got a bad one or what...


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  2. I haven't used it yet, but good to know that it isn't worth to buy it :)

    I wish you amazing NYE amd happy New Year, dear!

    1. Yeah, there're many better lip balms..

      Thank you so much sweetie, I wish you the same! May all your wishes come true in the new year ;)

  3. I didnt buy them because they're so expensive.
    but after i read your review, i feel so lucky.

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  4. The crystal lip balm is soo wonderful! So shiny! ^-^
    You have a lovely blog dear, would you like to follow each other? Just let me know and I will follow you!

    1. It is, just a shame it doesn't show on the lips like that :/

      Thank you dear, sure, I'd love to follow each other:)

  5. Nice post. :)
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