First Impressions: Afrodita Peeling Shower Gel / Blogmas Day 20

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Hey loves :3

Today's post is all about the first impressions on the Afrodita Mineral Water Peeling Shower gel. I've been enjoying Afrodita's shower gels a lot recently and I decided to buy this peeling gel because it intrigued me.

It's basically 2 in 1, a shower gel and a peeling. You get 250 ml of product and the design is really pretty, must be because of that mysterious greenish colour ;) 

It's quite a refreshing smell, you can smell the mix of aloe vera and cucumber, but it is a pleasant smell. I absolutely love that these shower gels are all paraben, paraffin and silicone free!

Contains tiny green beads and it is a mild peeling, it's not a harsh one. I quite like it. It's also very good if you have ingrown hair after waxing or irritation because it will prevent ingrown hairs if you use it every day, while aloe vera works gently and relives irritation of the skin.

I hope you enjoyed! :)


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