REVIEW: Avon Naturals Carrot & Sunflower Face Mask / Blogmas Day 28

Hey guys :)

Today I'll write about the Avon Naturals Carrot & Sunflower face mask. I think they discontinued this product, however you can still find it sometimes in the outlet and it's always on a great deal, so I decided to write a review for anyone that may want to buy it.

They claim this mask moisturizes your skin, gives it energy and shine. The face mask comes in tube, you get 75 ml of product and I think I paid around 1,50€ for it.

The packaging itself is very simple, it doesn't look cheap neither luxurious. You can easily control the amount of product that you squeeze from the tube.

The texture is medium thick and it has a white colour and a slight smell, which doesn't bother me, but may some people. You have to apply it on your face and than wait for 5-20 minutes before washing it off.

It certainly doesn't work miracles but it is a solid product when you take into account the ratio of quantity/cost. I do have oily skin, however I have dry spots and I think this really helps moisturizing. My face looks more radiant and less tired after using it.

Let me know if you tried this product and how it works for you ;)


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