REVIEW: Illamasqua Gel Sculpt

Hey everyone!

Today's review is about the product that I got in my LookFantastic beauty box.  It's about the Illamasqua gel sculpt in shade Silhouette. It's not a full size.

You get 8g of product with a full size and it costs 32,50€, which is expensive, I know. 

The first ingredient is water, second one is a moisturizing ingredient and many others. Palmitic acid can be acne causing ingredient as well as stearic acid. It also contains yellow, red and blue pigments. All in all there are actually good ingredients in this product.

Take off the cap and you’ll find a cylinder of solid gel (it reminds me of roll-on deodorant) with a fresh floral smell. I sometimes apply it directly on my face and sometimes I take a brush, both work just as fine. In the tube, Silhouette looks a terrifying black colour but this actually translates to a soft grey/brown when on the skin.

The only thing is that it's very sheer, so I don't think it would show up on darker skintones, although Illamasqua claims it's universally flattering It's amazing for everyday, natural contour and it's easy to build it up.

It's also very light, almost creamy in texture. It is a one shade only product but I've seen it being used on all sorts of skin tones and somehow it just seems to work on everyone. I have no idea what magic powers they've put inside Silhouette but I'm loving whatever it is! 

Because of the gel formula, this seems to sink into the skin making it look really natural, like you're not wearing any makeup at all. It's  also great if you have dry skin as it doesn't leave a powdery residue, but also lasts well on oillier skins due to the water resistent formula.

- only one shade, darker tones may not find it suitable
- expensive

- blends easily
- you can build it up
- looks very natural
- lasts well (water resistant)

To conclude, I never found a product for contouring that looks as natural as this gel sculpt from Illamasqua. It's perfect and I would totally buy it when I finish this one that I got in my LF box. Thank you LF for introducing me to one amazing product again!

Have you tried this, what do you think about it?

Happy Monday <3

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  1. Nice review dear!
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  2. So nice review, this product look interesting. I'd love to try it.
    Great post darling, so nice and interesting.
    Like it so much. Have a nice day!

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  3. It sounds pretty good! I never tried it but I'm interested for sure. :D

  4. Hello, thanks for the information. Have a nice day

  5. It seems a great contouring product although a bit expensive as you said but I am sure it will last long so it will worth the money.
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  6. It's an interesting product! Thanks for your review!

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