Weekly Makeup Basket #6 - Mini Reviews

Hey everyone :)

Today I'll share with you my "mini" reviews of the products I used in the week of 25th of October - 1st of November. You can see my makeup basket here -> CLICK

Balea Streichelzarte Pflege - a good moisturizing cream that I use mostly as a base for my makeup

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer - I said many times that this primer doesn't do anything to my skin, but lately I've been enjoying it, maybe because my skin doesn't have dry spots at the moment.

Oriflame True Perfection serum - I haven't used it this week, because it didn't work great when I used it before.. I'll try it again sometime soon.

Catrice Kohl Pencil - Brown - I use it for my eyebrows, matches them perfectly.
Catrice Eyebrow Filler - a great product that fills your eyebrows in and they still look natural.

Essence Fixing Compact Powder - an amazing setting powder 

Green Line Natural Clear Tinted Moisturizer - Love it for the days when I don't feel like wearing a medium/full coverage foundation.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream - Still haven't decided if I like it or not, maybe because I haven't tested it properly.. As for now, I just think it's average, works like any other concealer.
Avon Ideal Luminous Blush - Antique Rose - Beautiful colour, but very pigmented so a little goes a long way.

Rimmel 3 in 1 Powder Blush - 003 Autumn Catwalk - a "meh" product in my opinion. It's nice but there are 3 different colours and they're very small so I can't really get only one colour on my brush.. which is a shame and I don't see a point having three colours than at all.
Tarte Glistening Powder - Sugar Daddy - Omg, this product is sooo beautiful. I've been using it as a highlighter, but I'm gonna try it as an eyeshadow for sure. It's perfection in a pot and I'm gonna do a review for sure when I test it properly.

Avon Big & Daring Mascara - black - has to go in the trash because it dried out and it just clumps my lashes, otherwise it is a nice mascara

Prestige My Biggest Lashes Mascara - black - a good mascara, gives nice volume to your lashes.
Avon Big & False Lash Mascara - black - hands down the best mascara for volume!

Makeup Revolution Mascara - black - I didn't expect this to be good at first, but it actually isn't that bad and it gives a nice length to your lashes, however it tends to clump them, so I always use it in combination with another mascara.
Oriflame Hypnotic LE Wonder Lash Mascara - Golden Embers - I wish Oriflame would bring these back. The black end of the mascara has been dried out since forever, but I use it for the gold shimmer. Looks beautiful on the lashes!
Oriflame sparkle in Paris LE eyeliner - Shimmering Silver - a silver shimmery eyeliner, it's nice but it tends to smudge in my waterline.
Avon Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner - Spacey Silver - talked about this many times. A beautiful black eyeliner with silver glitter in it. It stays in your waterline forever and doesn't smudge at all.
Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner - Aqua Pop - a stunning aqua colour, I don't have anything else like this in my collection, extremely pretty.

Essence Longlasting Lipgloss - 24 Just Georgeous - a discontinued colour, but pretty. However it doesn't last long.
Essence Urbaniced LE Lip Cream - 01 Go For A Stroll - I used it only once this week and I don't the think the colour is for me, it's very baby pink. I'll have to try it out more.
Basic Matt Lip Gloss - Matt Salmon - my favourite lip gloss at the moment, because it's matt, lasts long (survives drinking and eating) and a beautiful colour doesn't hurt ;)
Catrice Made To Stay Lip Polish - 080 What's your atti-nude? - nice pinky nude lip product, but it's not very longlasting and I tend to want that from my lip product at the moment.

Lorac Mega PRO Eyeshadow Palette - Amazing, the colour combinations is lovely, staying power is nice and this don't crease on my lids. Pure love :)
Elf primer - Sheer - my favourite, it really makes eyeshadows lasts longer.

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  1. Eyebrow Fillerji so zakon:), res za tisti čist natural videz brez pompa, sicer imam od Essence ampak mi je super, probam še Catrice ko porabim tega:),sem pa fauš Lorac paletke:)

    1. Se strinjam. Ma saj verjetno sta podobni verziji, samo da je Catrice dražja :P

      Joj, ti ni treba bit, je replika :D So pa senčke vseeno super :)