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Today's post is inspired by the brand Glossier. If you haven't heard for them - Glossier is a modern beauty brand inspired by real life. They believe that beauty should be fun, easy, imperfect and personal. Their products are designed to highlight (not hide) natural beauty, so don't expect full coverage foundations ;)
From face mists, masks, skin tints to products for brows, they have it all.

I'm especially intrigued by their skin tint, however it claims to be super sheer, so be aware of that.


The inspiration came from them and I decided to share with you my essentials for highlighting my natural beauty. Don't get me wrong, I do have enormous pores, acne scarring, redness etc., but I don't want to use a full coverage foundation everyday to hide it all, and anyway this "imperfections" only mean that I'm a human, so what :P

I decided to include a little bit of everything, from cleanser to brow filler.. :)

1. AVON Anew Reversalist Foaming Cream Cleanser 

Let me tell you, this cleanser is phenomenal, at least my skin loves it! It's a gentle, creamy cleanser, however it does leave skin look refreshed and renewed. It doesn't leave your skin excessively dry. A must if you want your skin to look good :)

2. Catrice Eyebrow Filler

I know I know, I've written many times about this gel and this is exactly why I had to include it in this post :) I have quite thick eyebrows and I don't like drawing, extending etc. them, because to me it doesn't look nice. So I mostly use this (in combination with Catrice brown pencil) eyebrow filler, just to keep my brows nice all day and to fill them in just a little bit. You get a nice, natural look, and it's what I'm all about (especially for the brows).

3. Green Line Natural Clear Tinted Moisturizer

The next essential product for natural looking skin is this tinted moisturizer that is awesome if you have combination skin like I do. My skin is quite oily with dry spots. This contains lemongrass and honey extracts plus it's against spots and blackheads. I use it a lot and it does make me feel more confident, without covering my face with a "mask" :D

4. Avon Nutra Effects Radiance Tinted Moisturizer

Another moisturizer, but this one is different than a previous one. It's paraben, pthalates and dye free, which means it's suitable for sensitive skin plus it contains spf 20. It's formulated with Strelitzia seeds and diminishes hyper pigmentation and brightens skin. I use this one mainly in summer, because it is very light.

5. Labello Lip Butter - Vanilla & Macadamia

For the days I want my lips to look natural (but nice) I use this Labello Lip Butter. I like it because it moisturizes my lips and gives them a little bit of shine.

These are all my essentials for highlighting natural beauty and please let me know what yours are in the comments bellow! ;) And as Glossier says: "Skin first, makeup second, smile always!" <3

Have a lovely weekend,

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