Essence "All That Greys" Trend Edition - Preview


Grey shades! With the new trend edition “all that greys”, essence is taking a journey back in time  to the “Roaring Twenties”  –  famous for its wild parties and many Hollywood beauties  -  from  mid  November to mid  December  2015.  The collection offers exciting party-proof products  that  focus  on  the  trendiest  colour  of  2016:  grey.  Elegant grey shades meetupon rosy-red shades and merge into a perfect union for the retro-glam of the  1920’s. The  it-pieces  include  an  eyeshadow  palette  with  seven  powdery shades and various effects,  a  smokey  eye  pencil  with  a  spring-loaded  sponge  applicator  and corner lashes for fabulous lash highlights. The Charleston style hair bandeau perfectly rounds off the expressive look. Let’s celebrate… with essence!
Essence All That Greys - Smokey Eye Pencil

Powder  Pencil!  The  high-quality  smokey  eye  pencil  in  black and  silvermetallic  with  a spring-loaded  sponge  applicator ensures  a  particularly comfortable application of eyeshadow powder.  Each time the  eye pencil is opened, the sponge  absorbs powder from the lid so that it can easily be  applied  and  blended  using  the  applicator.  
Available  in 01 back to black and 02 greyt times
Essence All That Greys - Eyeshadow Palette

Rose,  Red & Grey!  The eyeshadow palette  offers  the entire colour range of  the  trend edition  with  seven  different  shades. The  soft,  powdery texture  with  a  high  coverage is easy  to apply with  the  duo-applicator. Thanks  to  the  integrated  mirror,  you can refresh  your  make-up  on  the way  from  the  dance  floor  to the  bar.  
Available  in  01  7 shades  of  rose and grey
Essence All That Greys - Corner Lashes

That  Twenties  Look.  The  corner  lashes  create  an  expressive look  in  a flash.  Applied on  the  outer  corners  of  the  eye,  these false  lashes emphasize  and  add  density  to your  own  lashes. Includes  lash  glue.  
Available in 01 a little party never killed nobody. 
Essence All That Greys - Lipgloss

Kiss  and  tell!  The  lipglosses  with  a  high  coverage  provide the lips  with gorgeous colour  accents  and  a  glossy  finish  in intensive  dark  red  and soft  rosewood.  
Available in  01  roaring  red  and  02  that´s  what  rose would do.
Essence All That Greys - Porcelain Loose Face & Body Powder

Porcelain  Glow.  The  light,  loose  powder  in  soft  nude  contains lightreflecting  pigments to  give  your  face  and  body  a beautiful glow.  The powder  puff  captures  and  blends the powder perfectly.  
Available  in  01 be classy & fabulous.
Essence All That Greys - Nail Stickers

Pearls  &  lace.  Turn  the  nails  into  works  of  art  with  these two selfadhesive  sticker versions  –  a  black  lace  band  and  single light  pearls.  An  absolute  eye-catcher  and totally  unique. Available  in  01  dressed  in lace & pearls
Essence All That Greys - Nail Polish

Gatsby's  collection!  Four  cool  shades  ranging  from  stone  grey to anthracite  to  black and  dark  red  allow  you  to  create  totally trendy  nail styles.  Two  effects  -  pearly  matt and  high  gloss, ensure  diverse  looks. 
Available  in  01  back  to  black,  02  step  into  the grey  zone, 03 greyt times, 04 girl with a pearl and 05 roaring red.

Essence All That Greys - Hair Bandeau

Turn back time! The breathtaking anthracite-black hair band with silver sequins is reminiscent of the legendary Charleston look and captures theunique charm of the 20’s. 
Available in 01 ladies´ choice.

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