Essence "Merry Berry" Trend Edition - Preview

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the festive season is about to begin! the trend edition “merry berry” is offering just the right products for a fashionable christmas style.
red and violet shades meet upon shimmering gold and copper, which harmonize perfectly. the beauty pieces in the trend edition ensure an ultimate wow-appearance: lips and nails shine in intensive shades extravagant enough for any party. the fragrant body powder gives the face and neckline a subtle shimmer and thanks to its lovely look, it’s a great present, too! and the hair fragrance provides hair with a gold-glam touch as well as the wonderful fragrance of “like the party of my life”.
happy holidays!

Essence Merry Berry - Eyeshadow

bright eyes. the highly pigmented eyeshadows in violet and copper offer gorgeous, metallic results. the soft powder texture with a circular relief structure on the surface is long-lasting and easy to blend.
Available in 01 the perfect dress and 02 the masked ball.

Essence Merry Berry - Lipstick

shine vs. matt. the lips are sure to be eye-catchers thanks to the long-lasting lipsticks in dark berry, intensive berry-pink and bright red. berry and berry-pink provide a light shine, while the red version creates impressive lips with a trendy matt finish.
available in 01 let's the berry-tales begin, 02 pink & perfect and 03 red rocks.

Essence Merry Berry - Highlighter Powder

shimmering stars. the light, powdery texture of the highlighter comes with a lovely star embossment. it gives the complexion a subtle golden shimmer for a beautiful glowing look.
available in 01 i love my golden pumps.

Essence Merry Berry - Scented Gold Dust Powder
body dust. the powder conjures-up a delicate, lightly scented golden shimmer on the face and neckline for gorgeous, radiant accents. the round, golden bottle with a balloon-atomizer pump is sure to be a true eye-catcher on the bathroom shelf.
available in 01 i love my golden pumps.

Essence Merry Berry - Nail Polish & Top Coat

luxury polish! this winter, the nails are going to shine in dark violet, shimmering purple, intensive berry-pink and bright red. they are given a glossy, long-lasting finish with fantastic coverage. the bottle with a golden, round cap turns these polishes into beautiful gems.
available in 01 the masked ball, 02 purple with purpose, 03 pink & perfect and 04 red rocks.
goldfinger. this is the perfect top coat for those who want to give their colour nail polish a golden touch. the effect polish with golden flakes – for a manicure with a wow-factor!
available in 01 i love my golden pumps.
Essence Merry Berry - Hair Fragrance

perfume & care! the special hair fragrance covers the hair in a subtle layer of gold dust with a “like the party of my life” fragrance. it also makes the hair easier to comb, gives it a beautiful shine and makes it feel super soft.
available in 01 i love my golden pumps.

Essence Merry Berry - Stripes Nail Stickers

special stripes! the cool, self-adhesive stripe stickers in copper, gold and red with a metallic effect help conjure-up awesome nail art styles quickly and easily.
available in 01 i save the last dance for you.

Essence Merry Berry - False Lashes

eye-catcher! you can never be too glamorous during the festive season. the false lashes are ideal as they come in a set of single lashes with two different lengths that optically lengthen the own lashes to ensure a dramatic look. includes lash glue.
available in 01 tonight, i'll be the one.

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