Empties #11

Hi Loves :)

I accumulated some products through the past month (since my last empties post) and I can't wait to share them with you, so I can throw them away finally :D

Enjoy! :)

Balea Tropical Sunshine Duschgel - oh what a wonderful scent this was.. very summery. 

Repurchase: It was a LE, but if I can still find it somewhere, yes I'll repurchase.

Afrodita Orange Cream - cream shower gel - everyone has been raving about this shower gels and guess what, it's justified. This smelled yummy, no wonder even the packaging says it's not for eating :P It contained cocoa particles and the smell lasted a few hours on me.

Repurchase: Maybe. 

Avon Senses Hand Wash - Refreshing Lagoon - I liked it, but it was nothing special.. I mean it's really not worth the full price which I think is around 2,50€. It surprised me that it actually did neutralize odour (like cigarette smell etc.).

Repurchase: Probably no, the price is too high for something so average that you use every single day.

Avon Naturals Face Cleanser - Nourishing Green Olive - It was a nice cleanser, especially for sensitive skin, because it is mild. I liked it a lot.

Repurchase: They don't sell it anymore, but otherwise I would definitely.

Balea Dry Deo Roll-On - A great deodorant, that works really nice.

Repurchase: I did already.

Spar DentalCare Whitening Toothpaste - This one is almost full and yes, it's going in the trash. What a waste of money. I bought this one because I couldn't find my regular Parodontax toothpaste and god this is a horrible toothpaste. The smell and the taste is horrific.

Repurchase: Never.

Oriflame Love Nature Cleansing Wipes - I really like the Love Nature line that is meant for oily skin and contains tea tree. I use the cleanser from this line and also a corrector for pimples and I'm very happy with all the products. The wipes are the newest addition to the line and I enjoyed them, my skin felt really clean after using them. The only con I have is the price, it's about 2,50€ for 25 wipes. I wish they were cheaper.

Repurchase: Maybe.

Oriflame Visions Kiss Me Lipstick - pretty in pink - a pink shimmery lipstick, nothing special. It didn't last very long.

Repurchase: No.

Ebelin Professional Nagellack-Entferner Express - an awesome nail polish remover, and I'm not going back to the regular ones, because this works much faster plus without a mess!

Repurchase: I did already.

Balea Peel-Off Maske Mit Bernstein Extrakt - an ok maske.. I didn't notice anything special honestly.

Repurchase: I still have some, but when I finish them, probably no

Avon Cherish EDP sample - a floral scent. I think it's very nice and I don't usually like floral scents, but this one is subtle.

Purchase: Maybe.

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  1. Great empties kisses


  2. Great post

  3. Predvidevam da sem edina ki ji teli Afrodita tuš geli sploh ne dišijo :/ Ampak tale Balea zeleni je bil pa moj najljubši to leto, oz. mogoče celo nasploh ;)

    1. A res? Si pa res ena redkih verjetno, mislim da jih vse samo hvalimo hehe :D Jaaa Balea je naredila zmagovalno kombinacijo s tem, škoda, da je bil LE :/

  4. I love cleansing wipes:)


    1. Oh me too, they're perfect when you're too lazy to remove your makeup the regular way hehe :))