Essence "Hello Happiness" TE - PREVIEW

For your daily beauty routine! With the trend edition “hello happiness”, essence shows that make-up can be lots of fun with the right tools. The seven brushes with soft synthetic bristles ensure a perfect sweep of the brush every time. The additional tools complete this bright and cheerful brush edition.

Essence "Hello Happiness" - Brush Cleaning Soap

A mild soap to thoroughly clean all brushes and sponges. Simply work into lather with water and rinse well.
Essence "Hello Happiness" - Contouring Brush

Contouring with powder or cream textures is especially effective with this brush thanks to its firmly bound bristles.
Essence "Hello Happiness" - Foundation Brush

Thanks to the extremely short and thick bristles, textures of all kinds can be applied smoothly and worked into the skin – for a flawless finish.
Essence "Hello Happiness" - Strobing Brush

The tapered bristles allow you to apply highlighter on targeted as well as large areas of the face.
Essence "Hello Happiness" - Duo Eyeshadow Brush

Eyeshadow brush with two ends: a flat brush for the application of eyeshadow and a round brush for blending.
Essence "Hello Happiness" - Concealer Sponge

The slanted tip of the sponge makes it ideal for working concealer into the skin for a flawless complexion.
Essence "Hello Happiness" - Lip Brush

A tapered brush to perfectly outline and fill in the lips.
Essence "Hello Happiness" - Blush & Draping Brush

With a soft, rounded head of bristles, this brush is ideal for the draping technique.

Essence "Hello Happiness" - Brush Bag

Practical brush bag to store all your favorite brushes and tools – perfect for travelling!

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