7 Creative and Effective Solutions You Should Try For Acne


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As some of you know I've struggled with acne for a long period of time and let me tell you, it was very bad. Have you tried everything to reduce your acne symptoms? It may seem like you have tried every solution in the book but nothing has worked. Give these seven effective solutions a try if you’re at your wit’s end!

Diet Changes

Swap Out Dairy

While scientists aren’t exactly sure why dairy causes acne, there is absolutely a correlation between the two. Switching out dairy can be one of the simplest ways to reduce the likelihood of breakouts. If the thought of a coffee without milk is terrifying to you, there is no need to worry.

The number of vegans, and those who are lactose intolerant are rising, causing a surge in replacement products in supermarkets. Soy or almond milk is perfect for your coffee, and there are dairy-free cheeses, yogurts, ice creams, and basically any other milk product you are craving. This bb cream guide also talks more about helping your acne problem.

Watch Your Refined Carb Consumption

Making conscious diet choices is such an easy, and healthy solution for acne. It should come as no surprise that eating unhealthily will have a direct impact on your skin. Foods that are high on the glycemic index have been proven to worsen acne symptoms so when you eat foods with refined carbs, those carbs are quickly transformed to sugars in your body which are fed to bacteria.

The foods to stay away from are those with high quantities of refined or processed sugars as well as those with refined grains. Foods containing either one of these are usually stripped of healthy nutrients leaving you with empty calories. Eat a more whole food, plant-based diet, and you will help cure your acne symptoms.

Reduce Your Salt Consumption

Doctors are always considering new options for which aspects of our diet may cause acne. Another solution that some consider helpful for getting rid of acne is reducing how much salt you eat, specifically iodized salt.

While high sodium products haven’t been found to directly cause acne, however, they have been associated with worsening acne conditions. Salt has also been found to worsen bags under your eyes as well as cause swelling in your face. Products with high sodium levels are so unhealthy for you as well so cutting them out will do much more good than just helping with your acne.

Product Remedies

Birth Control 

Most women can confirm that when menstruating, they are more likely to break out. Regulating your period, and hormones are proven solutions for clearing up acne. It is important, as with any medication you are taking, to consult a professional, and do some research.

Some birth control pills have been proven to help your acne while others have been shown to worsen the symptoms. If you are currently taking birth control and have acne, maybe just consider changing your pill. For those who aren’t on the pill, explain to a doctor or pharmacist that you want a formula that will help with your acne levels.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural product that has been seen to help with breakouts. Applying oil may seem counterproductive, however, tea tree oil has been proven to help solve many skin issues you may be having.

Tea tree oil will help disinfect pores, and unblock your glands which will help lighten your acne. You can either use the oil in its purest form on your skin, which is sold at many health food stores, and even some common grocery stores.

Another option is to use a product that contains tea tree oil in its formula. Look for soaps or skin washes with at least a five percent concentration of the oil. I always loved the tea tree range from Oriflame, it's amazing and does wonders to your skin.

Lifestyle Changes

Washing your face

Tried and true, washing your face has been proven to help with acne. Probably the first tip of advice you received when you started dealing with acne was to wash your face. Most likely, if you have been dealing with acne for a long time, you have tried hundreds of products to no avail, however, this is still a step that shouldn’t be skipped.

While some acne-fighting products are helpful, simply washing your face with water and a face wash that your skin is used to can be the most beneficial. The easiest option may seem to be trying out every product on the market, however, this can possibly be the worst thing to do.

Find one or two good products that don’t worsen your acne, and try not to switch it up too often. If all else fails, just washing your face with only water has been proven to help with acne.

Reducing Your Stress

We all have been told that stress is a direct cause of acne, but what are we doing to reduce our stress levels? Consider what aspects of your life causes you stress; if it’s a relationship or job, try and solve the issue or reconsider whether you want to be there.

If you cannot prevent the stress, then you can most definitely reduce it. Activities such as yoga, and meditation or even just a simple creative hobby or sport can be found to reduce stress levels, and in turn reduce acne symptoms.

In conclusion, remedying your acne will take a lot of trial and error, but it isn’t impossible. All of these solutions have been directly associated with helping acne. Those with acne- especially those who have lived with it their whole life- shouldn’t expect their acne to clear up in a matter of a day. Give it some time, and you should hopefully expect less breakouts.

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