REVIEW: Avon Mark Big & Style Volume Mascara

Hello everyone :)

Today I have a review of new Avon's Mark Big & style volume mascara. I've been testing it for a while now so I can finally give you my honest opinion.

Here are the ingredients:

As you can see the first ingredient is water, then polyurethane-35 which is a standard ingredient in mascara, it's not on any list of toxic chemicals. Also includes cera alba, which is bees wax plus dimethicone which is a silicone oil.

I like the design of the mascara, it's standard for all their Big & ... mascaras :) You get 10 ml of product for 6,50€. Comes in two colours, brown black and black which is the colour I chose.

The first thing I did not like about this mascara is the wand. It's actually really big and I'm always scared to use it near my eyes. It has short and long bristles which are promised to help to add volume to every lash. I like my lashes really big and bold. The effect it gives, well ... nothing special at all. It did colour my lashes black but otherwise I did not see any volume. It also didn't separate my lashes which I want from mascara the most.

Here you can see my natural lashes, without mascara:

And with two coats of Mark mascara:

I naturally have quite long lashes as you can see on the before pictures, so other than giving them colour the mascara performed really poorly. But it also depends on what you like, if you like a natural look, this one might be for you. I like that it doesn't smudge at all.


- doesn't smudge
- ingredients

- doesn't give a lot of volume or length
- big wand that I'm actually quite scared of :D

To conclude, I prefer my lashes dramatic and this mascara definitely isn't one for that. It will however give you a nice natural look. If you like that, go for it.

Have you tried it, what do you think?
Happy Weekend,

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  1. Great post dear! I haven't tried this mascara, but I really like natural look and this looks awesome! xoxo

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  4. wonderful review dear, thanks for sharing, xo

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