Essence "Bootiful Nights" TE - PREVIEW

Dusk is here and the night of all nights can begin! In October 2017, the new essence trend edition “bootiful nights” invites all brave girls to a Halloween party at the end of a dark alley. The dress code is eerie, scary and beautiful – not a problem with these unique beauty products.

Essence "Bootiful Nights" - Make Up And Powder Sponges

The two make-up and powder sponges come in a cute ghostly packaging and make priming the face for Halloween as easy as child’s play. Washable.

Available in 01 The Boo Crew.


Essence "Bootiful Nights" - Eyeshadow Palette

Super soft eyeshadow textures in silver-metallic, black and pearl white ensure exciting eye make-up styles. 

Available in 01 No Tricks, Just Treats.

Essence "Bootiful Nights" - Duo Pencil Lip, Eye & Face

The duo pencil in black and white or silver and oxblood conjures-up harlequin styles or blood red effects on the eyes, lips and face. 

Essence "Bootiful Nights" - Lashes

Reusable cat-like lashes ensure a gorgeous look and are the ultimate eye-catcher at Halloween. 

Available in 01 Hello Queen And Pumpking

Essence "Bootiful Nights" - Liquid Matt Lipstick

The liquid texture turns matt upon application and offers long-lasting results in black, dark violet or oxblood. 

Available in 01 No More Batdays, 02 Where Did I Park My Broom and 03 You Make My Heart Go Boo.

Essence "Bootiful Nights" - Nail Decoration

Self-adhesive googly eyes and glow in the dark stickers with Halloween images ensure a spooky party manicure.

Available in 01 Those Boos Are Made For Spooking.

Essence "Bootiful Nights" - Nail Polish

Three long-lasting nail polishes with a high coverage ‒ available in black, oxblood and white ‒ in a cute witch hat packaging for bootiful nails.

Available in 01 I Witch You Were Here, 02 Dawn Of The Red, 03 Let's Boo-Gy-Woogy.

Essence "Bootiful Nights" - Glow In The Dark Topcoat

This semi-transparent, vaguely pumpkin - coloured top coat makes the nails glow in the dark for a unique look. 

Available in 01 Witch Off The light.

Essence "Bootiful Nights" - (s)Cream Contouring Set

Contouring set with two creamy textures in black and white for harlequin looks that last! 

Available in 01 Too Cute To Spook.

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