First Impressions : Avon Bright Start Foundation

Hi guys :)

Today I'll write about the new Avon foundation which is called Bright Start. For Slovenian readers, you can buy it in the current Catalogue for 7,90€.

It's supposed to be a fresh look foundation, contains SPF 15 and you get 30 ml of product. I have to say I'm not a fan of the packaging, it's just a plastic tube and to me it looks really cheap. It gives more of a dewy finish (I have oily skin so I have to put powder over it) and good coverage, but I'd say it's more of a tinted moisturizer than a foundation (except the coverage, which is better).

I love that it has a pump. Another great thing about this is that it contains super foods like pomegranate and orange extract and contains collagen and elastin which instantly boosts skin’s moisture. 

There are 5 different shades that you can choose from. I've bought it in Nude, which is the lightest shade.

However, it looks quite orangey on me so I don't know if I'll mix it with other foundations or what.. :/ It is a bit too dark, so I decided to compare it with Avon's Calming Effects Matiffying Foundation which I also own in shade Nude and it fits my skin colour perfectly. (I've written about it HERE)

As you can see above, the Nude shade of Avon Bright Start Foundation is darker.

Except the shade I quite like it, it really feels lightweight and it contains great ingredients, so I'd recommend this one, if you can find your shade. So again, I really recommend you to order samples before the full bottle :))

I hope you liked this post and if you tried this foundation, let me know your opinion! ;)

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