Essence "Brit-Tea" Trend Edition - Preview

it’s teatime! in springtime essence is inviting you to the first garden party of the year with the new trend edition “brit-tea”.
hip products with a retro look are served in the soft colors cream, apricot, mint and lilac – and a touch of bright pink for a spring-like contrast. decorated with cute blossom prints and floral elements, the design is reminiscent of the décor at a stylish tea party. the lip balm is a special highlight with its gorgeous flower packaging. other wanna-haves are: the blush embossed with a sea of flowers on the surface and the eyeshadow palette with three soft pastel nuances that complete your brit-tea style.
the garden season has opened!

Essence Brit-Tea - Eyeshadow Palette

eye love britain! the eyeshadow palette includes the three spring colors cream, apricot-rosé and purple to create the perfect eye make-up for any garden party. the creamy, slightly shimmering texture is easy to apply and blend with the eyeshadow brush. Available in 01 tea-pical british

Essence Brit-Tea - Eyeshadow Brush

afternoon tea… it’s easy to apply, mix and blend your eyeshadow with this brush. it has two ends with soft bristles– one fine and one broad– so that you can create varied make-up looks. Available in 01 keep calm and have some tea

Essence Brit-Tea - Duo Highlighter Pencil

your high-ness! the duo highlighter pencil is particularly handy and practical as it combines the two gorgeous colors cream and apricot with two application options. applied on the inner corners of your eyes, the pencil visibly makes your eyes look bigger, while it has a beautiful lifting effect when applied underneath your brows. Available in 01 par-tea highlight

Essence Brit-Tea - Lip Balm

beauty gift… the balm pampers your lips and gives them a subtle touch of pink at the same time. thanks to the cute packaging with a flower opening, this lip balm isn’t just a care highlight - it’s lovely to look at, too. Available in 01 vanilla ice-t baby

Essence Brit-Tea  - Lipgloss

tea or coffee? apricot and pink with iridescent shimmer particles create a cool, shiny finish on your lips. the long-lasting formula feels wonderfully pleasant and offers subtle color dispersion. Available in 01 tea is the new coffee and 02 pink to go

Essence Brit-tea - Illuminating base

party glow… the illuminating base gives your face a natural, subtle shimmer and a beautiful, radiant complexion. it can be applied as a primer underneath your make-up or used on its own – either way, a subtle glow is guaranteed. Available in 01 make tea not war

Essence Brit-Tea - Blush

rose garden! the three colors of the blush – cream, rosé and pink – can be combined optimally so you can emphasize your cheeks with the desired nuance. the rose embossment turns this blush into an absolute eye-catcher. Available in 01 tea-riffic garden party

Essence Brit-Tea - Nail File

tea cup file! shape and shorten your nails with this cute nail file to make sure that you can show-off your nail polish at its best. the sweet english tea print makes styling your nails even more fun! Available in 01 make tea not war

Essence Brit-Tea - Nail Polish

(p)earl grey… the cool spring colors purple, light blue, pink and green are the ideal choice for a cozy tea party in the outdoors. the four long-lasting nail polishes all have a hip porcelain effect for a fashionable spring style! Available in 01 tea-pical british, 02 have a beau-tea-full day, 03 pink to go and 04 green tea for two

Essence Brit-Tea - Earring Set

hello english rose! to perfectly round off the “brit-tea” look, the trend edition includes cute earrings with a rose appearance on high-quality metal. one set contains two pairs in rosé and pink. Available in 01 blossoms etc.

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  1. Kuk majo pa u teli kolekcij cute stvari :D uhančki, lip balm pa tista barvica me mikajo :P love your previews^^

    1. jaaa res je, men je tut ful lušna :) men pa uhančki pa blush je must have :D hvala;)