Empties #5

Hello cuties! :)

Today's post is about empty products that have accumulated through the last month.

There's not as many as I thought :D

Ebelin Professional Nagellack-Entferner - love love love, nothing else for this product :D I've wrote about this a couple of times already. It's actually a nail polish remover, that you put a finger in it and just turn it around, and the nail polish is removed. Works like magic. I'm not going back to the regular remover :D

Repurchase: Already did.

Essence Soft Touch Mousse Make-Up - oh this product I had for a very long time. I didn't really like it, I much prefer a Catrice Mousse, which looks more natural than this. It still isn't completely empty, but it's just too old and also a bit too dark for me so it had to go :)

Repurchase: No.

Aveo Nagellackentferner - a cheap nail polish remover, worked nice. However, I really did not like the smell, and I only used it when I didn't have other removers :D That's why I've had it for quite some time and finally it's gone.

Repurchase: Definitely not.

Balea Dry Deospray - you have seen this deodorant on my blog probably a 100 times :D I just love it and it works for me great, it's cheap, so I keep repurchasing.

Repurchase: Yes!

Dove Silk Glow Shower Gel - amaaaazing shower gel, smells so nice, my skin was very smooth after showering and the smell actually stayed on me for a couple of hours, which I really like. Pure love, except for the price, which is quite high considering you can get Balea shower gels for half price of Dove ones.

Repurchase: Probably, when it's on sale.

Avon Naturals Shampoo - contains chamomile & aloe. Smells nice, like chamomiles, but it did not work that great for me. It actually made my hair dry.

Repurchase: No.

L'angelica Herbal Toothpaste sample - this toothpaste is very good. I love that it contains natural extracts of thyme, Juniper, rosemary and sage. No fluoride is definitely a big plus! Smells really like herbs and I liked it a lot. Considering it's a natural toothpaste it's very cheap. If I didn't have problems with bleeding gums I'd buy it again in no time! However, because of that problem, I'm loyal to Paradontax toothpaste, without flouride of course.

Purchase: Maybe in the future.

That's it for this empties :) If you tried any of the products, let me know your opinion ;) (Oh and stay tuned, I'm preparing a giveaway for tomorrow! ;))


6 komentarjev:

  1. Zakoon :) Na tak način odstranjevalec laka ku je Ebelin morm pa res sprobat :)

  2. Tale Ebelin Professional Nagellack pa zj tut že jst rabim..super se bere:)

    1. nujno :P men je super k ne rabiš nobenih vatk pa še hitro je odstranjen lak. malo več težav sicer delajo bleščice, sam to itak v vsakem primeru :P

  3. They seem great products! What do you think of following each other, maybe inspire each other? I think it would be great! Please let me know! Kisses and have a great week :)