REVIEW: Malie Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask Coenzyme Q10

Hello everyone!

Today's post is another review of sheet mask. I tried the Malie ultra hydrating essence mask with Coenzyme Q10.

I bought it from Ebay. Love the packaging and you get a lot of serum in it - 25g to be exact. It gives the perfect adhesion to your face. Q10 is suppose to keeps your skin moisturized.

It had a weird scent that didn't particularly remind me of something but it wasn't too strong so it didn't bother me and it wasn't noticable when I had the mask on.

It left my skin brighter, had a slight whitening effect and it left my skin more plumped. It's overall a really nice mask and I loved the fact that it was so moist.

It felt very nourishing and moisturizing. Unfortunately it broke me out. The next day I had a big pimple on my cheek and I didn't use any other new products. I think this was to blame :( So sad since I really loved the effect it gave.

I do have another Malie mask in my collection of sheet masks so I will give that one a go as well. 

Hope you enjoyed! :) Happy weekend guys <3

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