REVIEW: Balea Tuchmaske "Cool Melon"

Hello everyone!

Recently (in the past months) I've been really obsessed with sheet masks. I tried many and now I decided to post a review for every sheet mask I will try, because let's be honest, some are better than others. 

Today I'm sharing with you my opinion on the Balea sheet mask called Cool Melon. Balea came out with sheet masks fairly recently and they come in three versions - Cool Melon, Sweet Mango and Fancy Pomegranate. I tried the other two as well before.

It's suitable for every skin type. Costs 0,99€ which is very affordable and a cheapest sheet mask I've ever tried.  Also love the cute packaging.

Contains different extracts and it's suppose to make skin soft and smooth with a hydration boost. You apply it on clean skin and leave it on for 10 minutes. Loved the scent of this mask as it reminded me of chewing gum, but it was very strong.

I have to say the sheet mask (and the other two as well) lacks moisture, it seems too dry and it's also a little bit big for my face, I couldn't place it properly because it was moving all the time (also maybe because it's not moist enough so it doesnt really "stick" to your skin well).

Overall, for the price of 0,99€ these are nice. I liked the effect - hydrated my skin really great!

Have you tried Balea sheet masks before?

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