Essence "Create & Transform My Wonder Palette" TE - PREVIEW


The next big thing! With the new trend edition “create & transform my wonder palette”, essence presents three professional palettes for the eyes, lips and face in April 2018. This unique concept unites bold colors with soft pastel shades and three transformer shades each, which can be applied on top to create even more individual tones and effects. The palettes turn every beauty into a creator of her very own unique wow-looks.

Essence "Create & Transform My Wonder Palette" - Eye Palette

The palette includes 17 different eyeshadow colours with different effects. In addition to wearable pastel tones, classic grey and black, intense pink and purple shades can also be found amongst the eyeshadows. Two prismatic as well as one golden transformer can be applied on top for countless variation possibilities. The eyeshadow and transformer nuances are complemented by two brow powders to complete the look. Thanks to the integrated eyeshadow applicator and brush, the palette is a must-have for all beauty addicts.

Essence "Create & Transform My Wonder Palette" - Lip Palette

17 shades and neverending possibilities. In addition to soft nuances in nude and rosewood, intensive blue, gold and purple are also included in the color selection of the palette. Each tone can be applied on its own or mixed to create an individual shade in the special mixing zone. There are also three transformer nuances, which are ready to add a prismatic finish. The transformers with blue, pink or golden effects can be mixed with all of the other colours in the palette or can alternatively be applied on top- for endless lip styles. Includes a nurturing lip balm, a mixing tool and an applicator

Essence "Create & Transform My Wonder Palette" - Face Palette

The face palette with twelve shades is a true complexion expert. Contouring, strobing, draping or dewy- with the bronzers, blushes and highlighters in the palette, anything is possible. Prismatic and golden transformer shades can be applied on top to create an additional prism glow on the face. Includes a brush to apply the transformer shades.

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  1. Lovely palettes, the eyeshadow, lip and face one. Essence always has good and cheap products.
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