Empties #6

Hey guys:)

I'm back today with an empties post (I seem to go through products quickly :O). Oh and my giveaway is now closed, I'm very thankful to all who participated and I'll annouce a winner tomorrow or a day after, so bare with me :P

I hope you enjoy this kind of posts, I love to write them and read them on other blogs ;)

Oriflame Sweden Nature Secrets Soap Bar - vanilla & pomegranate. I've really enjoyed this soap bar, it smelled so nice, fresh and it made my hands very soft. I always buy soaps from Oriflame, specially from their Nature Secrets line, because I think they're great quality for a bargain.

Repurchase: Another scent.

Balea Street Art Showergel - mit orangenduft (oranges). This was a limited edition shower gel and it was nice, like all the other Balea shower gels.

Repurchase: No, because I like to try different shower gels. And it was a LE anyway.

Balea Rasiergel Blueberry Love - oh I loved the smell of blueberries! It's a really great shaving gel, very inexpensive and makes my legs very smooth.

Repurchase: In a different scent - currently I'm in love with the coconut one, heavenly smell, a must have for summer!

Avon Planet Spa Pillow Mist - I bought this mist in a bundle with some other products, otherwise I don't think I'd give it a go, which is a shame, because it is quite a nice product. You get 100 ml of product that smells like lavender and camomiles, but I mostly smell lavender. You're supposed to spray this on the pillow and apparently you sleep better. I must say, for me this really worked. However I used it in combination with a cream (from the same line) on my hands.

Repurchase: Yes, when it's on sale.

La Roche-Posay Astringent Lotion Micro-exfoliant sample - I had a love-hate relationship with this one. I absolutely hated the smell, which was like alcohol and my skin was dry after using it. Oh and I thought La Roche-Posay's products don't contain alcohol? This one however does, and it is second on the ingredients list. This was a 15 ml sample, so I had it for quite a few times. And I must say after a regular use I started to notice that my pores did look smaller, but it wasn't a very big difference, maybe I'd have to use it longer, probably :D

Purchase:  Probably not, because of the price :(

Balea Gesichts Wasser - with fruit acid, that I've talked about million times before :D I think this one will be forever repurchased, I just hope that they don't discontinue it.

Repurchase: I already did!

Oriflame Sweden Hand Cream - a limited edition one, I think they came out with this P.S. I love you "line" last year for valentine's day. I've used it this past two months (or even longer) everyday, sometimes even twice a day and still it lasted me soooo long :D It smelled like strawberries, very nice smell. It did moisturize my hands and it soaked very fast in the skin.

Repurchase: No, it was a LE.

Fruttini Body Lotion - cherry vanilla scent. I reaaally did not like the scent at all, waaay too sweet for me, especially for using it on body.

Repurchase: No.

Maybelline New York Volum' Express Mascara - pure love. The formula doesn't leave clumpy lashes and it really gives them a lot of volume.
Repurchase: Yes!

Thank you so much for reading. I'd like to know your opinion on any of the products ;) 

Till next time, xoxo

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  1. Razen Baleine vodice nisem še nič sprobala, vodica mi pa na žalost ne ustreza tako kot tebi :( Amapk fino je videti, da si uspela porabiti dosti stvari! :D

    1. Joj, škoda.. No ja, vsakemu paše drugače :) Hvala, sem pa na žalost še vseeno bolj "pridna" pri kupovanju novih stvari, kot porabljanju starih hehe:D

  2. Lovely post dear!! I am in love with this mascara too, following you by GFC!
    If you would like to keep in touch and follow each other visit my blog!

    1. Thank you :)) It's awesome right ;)

      Sure dear, I followed you back, take care**