April Favorites

Hello cuties :)

Back again with my favorite products of April. Three of the favorites you have already seen in my New in April post. I've bought them in the beginning of April and been loving them since then. :)


Omg I love this product soooo much, it works wonders :) I'm talking about the L.A. Girl Pro High Definition Concealer.  Many people compare this to the MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer. I personally have not tried it, so I can't say.

It has a gel like consistency and it is very creamy, smooth and blends out easily. I don't notice any caking throughout the day and the staying power is very good, about 5-6 hours, but you have to consider that I have oily skin. I wouldn't say the coverage is full, but I'd say it's medium, but buildable.

The pen style brush makes it really easy to apply. Oh and I bought it in shade Natural. I really recommend this one to you.


Two nail polishes that made in my favorites this April were both from Essence. They came up with this line of gel nail polishes (that you don't need a UV lamp for) and I've been obsessed with this dark red one that is called 14 Do you speak love? btw such a great name, I like how they name their nail polishes :D

I've showed you how it looks on nails here -> NOTD*28: Essence - 14 Do You Speak Love? 
It lasted on my nails about 5-6 days without chipping and that is amazing! (in combination with top coat)

And the second nail polish is actually this gel nail polish Top Coat. I've been using this one since I got it and I must say I really like it. My nails look very shiny and the nail polish lasts longer because of it. They also have a Base Coat, which I didn't pick up and I wonder if it would make my nail polish last even longer.. Maybe I'll give it a go ;)


The only "body" product I've been really enjoying this previous month was this Balea Pflegecreme with a raspberry scent. An extremely good quality creme for the whole body, for a bargain! It costs about 1,20€.

The smell is very sweet and I like it a lot. The consistency is very smooth and it soaks in skin quite fast. Oh and the packaging... absolutely georgeous! :) This retro design really pops and it's very summery like ;) I'd give it a go if you like raspberries and if you're on budget :)

I hope you liked this post, If you want me to do a full review on any of the products, please let me know in the comments bellow!

Take care, xoxo

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  1. Meni tale malinova kremca nima ravno najbolšega vonja (pa sem pomojem že komentirala 1x ;) ) Se pa strinjam da Essence (pa tudi Catrice) dajo lakom zelo fajna imena :D

    1. Škoda, meni pa je všeč :D (res si ja :P). Jaaa, škoda, da nekatere znamke ne poimenujejo stvari. Predvsem si lažje zapomneš tudi zanimivo ime, kot pa številko :D