November Favorites

Hello again :P

I'm a little bit late with this post, but anyway it's here ;)


Even though this lipstick is in my latest post (November new in) I've actually purchased it in the start of November so I had quite a lot of time to try it. And I must say, I've been loving it. It's really not a "me" colour but it's amazing. This is Avon Colortrend lipstick called Gerbera. It's a very dark colour, on my lips actually turns out like a dark violet. I love it!


This past month I've been using this blush from Elf like everyday. It's a beautiful rose colour & it gives you a very natural look. It's called Natural Radiance Blusher & I'm sorry but I don't know the shade of this one because it erased from the packaging (cuz it's well loved as you can see :P)


Well, I bought this nail polish remover in October & I've been using it since than. This guys is a time saver for sure! :D It's Ebelin Professional Express Nagellackentferner. I can't even express how much I'm happy with this product. Does the job quick, easy & you don't need pads or anything else. You just put your finger in this pot that contains nail polish remover of course & turn around a few times & THAT'S IT. Pretty easy, isn't it? I'm sure I'm not going back to the regular remover.

& the last thing is this Nail Polish from Avon Colortrend called Silver Plated. I enjoy this one a lot. It's actually a clear nail polish that contains silver glitter. Perfect for this time of year;)

You can see a manicure with it quite a lot in my NOTD's posts - for example HERE

Well, we've come to the end of this post and I hope you enjoyed it ;)


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  1. Uu lepa barva šminke :) Pa tale odstranjevalec laka se fuul fajn sliš, če si tok hit frtik pa res use odstran :) bo treba sprobat :D

  2. Love nail polish! <3

  3. Hey :)
    Oznacila sem te v enem izmed mojih TAGov :)

  4. Cute!! These look like great beauty favorites!!


  5. Tale Elf-ov blush zgleda fuuuul lep. Ravno prave barve za vsak dan :)