First Impressions: Essence Crystal Eyeliner

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Hi again :) it's the last day of 2014 yaaay :)

I decided I'll do new kind of posts - so here it is, my first impressions post and it's about Essence Crystal Eyeliner in 01 Twinkly Starlight.

It's basically just a liquid glitter eyeliner, I think it's very nice for this time of year :) I tried it on it's own and then over the black eyeliner. I don't like how it looks on it's own, I would like more glitter in it, however over the black eyeliner it looks georgeous :)

I just tried it today & the staying power is nice. I've been wearing it for 4 hours now & it still looks the same.

Essence has  4 other colours also and I think I'll  try a gold one too.. Looks amazing!

I hope you like these kind of posts :) Have a nice day!


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