Kiko Cream Eyeshadow - Gold

Hi cuties :)

Today I'll talk about a Kiko cream eyeshadow that I bought in November :)

 & I'm sorry I don't post a lot, I just don't find the time.. I'll try to post at least once a week from now on & I've been thinking I want to start new posts - First impressions (let me know if you want to see those kinds of posts :))

So, let's start!

This beauty is a Kiko Cream Eye Shadow.  For anyone that doesn't know, Kiko is an Italian professional cosmetics brand that features a range of cutting-edge makeup, face and body treatments. I love their nail polishes, they last on me very long so it was time to try their make up also ;)

I love the packaging of this - so cute :) and the colour is georgeous too, a shimmery gold. It contains 3 grams, not bad for a single eyeshadow.

However, I had my doubts when I ordered this because it is creamy and usually cream eyeshadows and my oily lids don't go very well together :)

It wasn't any different with this one. I used a primer that I normally use but it just didn't last.. I think it lasted about half an hour on my lids... Such a disappointment, because I'm in love with colour. But really consider that I have oily lids!

           - beautiful colour
           - packaging
           - very wearable

           - creamy
When I got this eyeshadow I also got a regular black one, but I didn't try it yet & if you want me to I'll do a first impression post on it. 
And my new year's gift to one of my Slovenian followers: if any of you would like to try this, tell me & I'll send it to you! (it's been used with a brush ;))


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