REVIEW. Essence "Made To Sparkle" TE

Hey loves <3

Today's post is about the limited edition from Essence called Made to sparkle, which is perfect for this time of the year :) I bought one of the velvet metallic liquid lipsticks, a rose gold liquid eyeliner and a surprise bag.

This limited edition really intrigued me since I love anything sparkly and glittery :D

The first thing I decided to get is a velvet metallic liquid lipstick in shade 02 Get Some Sparkle On,

It has a standard applicator and such a nice metallic look. The longevity isn't the whole day, but that's to expect with such an affordable product. It is however kiss proof!

I think it looks really nice, especially now for more wintery looks :) You can see how it looks on me in one of my previoius posts -> CLICK.

The next thing from this collection that caught my attention was the  rose gold liquid eyeliner,

I love gold and rose gold eyeliners because I think they really suit my green eyes. They just make them pop, so when I saw this one I had to buy it :)

It has a thinner applicator that I'm used to which makes it a little bit harder to apply, plus the tip is not as hard as other eyeliners I tried. But because it's so thin you can really be precise with it. I do really enjoy it, perfect for festive December :)

And the last thing I got from this collection is a surprise bag. To be honest, I got it just for the fact that it totally reminded me of Path Mcgrath kits. They look like this -> CLICK.

Since I bought it online it really was surprise bag for me ;) Love the sequins and the whole packaging is just to die for.

There is only one thing you get inside the bag and it's a lipbalm.

It really has a nice design, plus it's all sparkly - it has a tiny flakes of gold sparkles in it :)

All in all I really enjoy this limited edition from Essence, it was something different and unique. It's still available in some stores, so if you can, grab something :)

Hope you enjoyed, let me know your opinion :)

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