Essence "Wood You Love Me?" TE - PREVIEW


Carved from the same wood! An idyllic walk in the outdoors, mild weather and the first rays of the sun gently caressing the skin. Essence is celebrating this year’s Valentine’s Day in a romantic forest full of cuddly animals with the new trend edition “wood you love me?”. Inspired by animals in love, the beauty pieces ensure a lovely look.

Essence "Wood You Love Me?" TE - Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette

    Four eyeshadow colours and a highlighter with a silky, soft powder texture create beautiful eye make-up styles like trendy green smokey eyes on the day of love. The packaging has a cute flip image with adorable bunny rabbits that hug each other when you move the palette back and forth.

    Available in 01 From The Forest, With Love!

    Essence "Wood You Love Me?" TE - Duo Eye Pencil

    The wooden eye pencil with two perfectly aligned colours in matt and shimmering can be sharpened and has a high coverage as well as a soft texture for gorgeous, long-lasting results.

    Available in 01 Forever Together, 02 My Tree Love.

    Essence "Wood You Love Me?" TE - Smokey Eyeshadow Brush

    Duo eyeshadow brush with soft, synthetic brisles: the rounded end is ideal for blending while the square-shaped end ensures perfectly
    defined smokey eyes. A true innovation in the brush segment.

    Available in 01 Love At First Sight.

    Essence "Would You Love Me?" TE - False Lashes

    The false lashes offer breathtaking volume and a look that is sure to make all hearts beat a little faster – includes lash glue.

    Available in 01 Eye Love You.

    Essence "Wood You Love Me?" TE - Lip Palette

    Five high-coverage, creamy lipsticks in a pink-fuchsia-red colour scheme with either a metallic, shimmering or matt finish conjure-up a multitude of kiss-proof styles on the lips!

    Available in 01 You Are My Absolute Favourite!

    Essence "Wood You Love Me?" TE - Nail Polish

    Fast drying nail polishes with a high coverage in lime, light pink and metallic rosé gold create trendy manicures that are sure to last!

    Available in 01 Crazy In Love, 02 Soulmate and 03 Sweet Kisses.

    Essence "Wood You Love Me?" TE - Nail File Set

    The set contains two nail files to shorten, shape and file the nails – with one extra file for your best friend.

    Essence "Wood You Love Me?" TE - Makeup Sponges

    Two practical make-up sponges for the application of all textures – washable and reusable.

    Available in 01 Mr & Mrs Cute.

    Essence "Wood You Love Me?" TE - Highlighter Blush Palette

    The soft, shimmering highlighter in a light champagne shade and the blush in a delicate pink are a true dream team for a fresh, radiant complexion.

    Available in 01 My Heart Is Yours!

    Essence "Would You Love Me?" TE - Hydrating Face Sheet Mask

    The moist sheet mask with active ingredients provides the face with the moisture it needs and makes the skin feel wonderfully supple. The cute bunny rabbit design is sure to put a smile on your face!

    Available in 01 Be Happy! Be a bunny!

    Essence "Wood You Love Me?" TE - Energizing Eye Sheet Mask

    A moist sheet mask for the eyes: it has an invigorating effect and contains active ingredients to provide moisture. And thanks to its foxlike look, the pampering face care is even more fun!

    Available in 01 Forever In Love.

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