BeautyBigBang Review*

Hey guys :)

I recently had an opportunity to work again with Beautybigbang. You can see my previous haul from them here -> CLICK. Not only do they stock all the sold out crazes but everything is crazy affordable. Their prices are in dollars but they ship internationally and regularly restock their sold out items. They sell a a variety of beauty products, everything from hair and makeup to nails. This time I chose two items.

The first thing I chose is this stunning set of 7 brushes.

I have to say they look absolutely amazing and I actually saw some Slovenian sites sell brushes exactly like these ones for double or triple the price! They are very soft and they have synthetic bristles so they're also cruelty free.

Absolutely impressed by these. They're currently on sale for 7,56€ and you can buy them here -> CLICK.

The second item I chose is an animal face mask. I've been watching these forever and they just seem so funny to use :D

I chose panda pattern but you can also chose sheep, tiger or dog. You get 30g of product which was a lot for me and I actually saved it for one more use.

I loved the mask, it felt really refreshing and nourishing. My skin after was very soft and felt very moisturized. 

It's fun to use, my cat was actually scared of me haha :D
These are on sale for 3,36€ currently, you can buy them here-> CLICK.

The delivery takes up to 4 weeks, depending on where you live. They do offer Paypal as a payment method plus free shipping worldwide. 

I do have a 10% off code for you guys, it's KATJA10, if you want to get even more discount ;)

Let me know if you like these items ;)
Have a lovely day <3

*items were sent to me for review

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  1. Brushes are so cute, I love them. I'm sure my cat would be scared too if she sees me with a panda on my face :'). Great post! :)

    Minnah's Life

  2. Those are pretty brushes... Thats a fun face mask. I havent tried something like those.

    (◕‿◕✿) | Instagram | Bloglovin

  3. Wow, amazing haul, so interesting items. Look so useful!
    This mask is so sweet, must try it. Brushes are fantastic.

    Visit me, and follow. See you soon. Maleficent

  4. lovely review katja!! That mask looks nice!!

  5. Haha the mask is so funny! I like the brushes too!

  6. loving these cute brushes and their handles are so lovely :)


  7. wonderful review dear, thanks for sharing, xo

  8. Great review :) I love the look of those brushes, so pretty! I hope your cat has forgiven you for spooking him now! :)