3 Reasons That Choosing The Right Moisturizer Is Critical For Helping With Rosacea

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It’s unfortunate that not all of us are blessed with good genes. While some flaunt flawless skin with minimal effort, the rest of us are coerced into using various products to prevent the outbreak of acne, rosacea, and various skin conditions.

So, what is Rosacea exactly?

Well, in a nutshell, it is a skin condition where the victims suffer from swelling, redness and acne-like breakouts. And, the symptoms usually show on the face—our most important physical asset. Despite extensive research, scientists haven't been able to find the exact cause of the condition yet. However, they have been able to identify the factors that trigger the condition and some of them include an overexposure to the sun light, stress, exhaustion, and spicy food etc.

What are some of the symptoms of Rosacea?

In addition to causing redness, swelling, and the breakout of acne, victims of the condition also suffer from a burning sensation that is usually experienced in the eyes. The condition also plays an atrocious role in preventing the retention of moisture in the skin. Therefore, it is imperative for one to use the right moisturizer when suffering from rosacea.

Here are 3 reasons why choosing the right moisturizer is critical for helping with Rosacea

  • Using the right moisturizer is of paramount importance for people with rosacea. Victims of the condition usually have a weak skin barrier. Hence, these barriers can be easily broken because of external factors. And, when that happens, the nerve endings of the skin are exposed to pollution and other factors such as skincare products. In order to ensure that the barrier is protected well and preserved, the right moisturizer must be used extensively.

  • As mentioned earlier, rosacea prevents the retention of moisture in the skin. Therefore, one must use a moisturizer order to prevent dry skin. However, it is advisable for the victims to purchase a moisturizer that is mild on the skin and does not possess harsh ingredients. We discussed earlier that an overexposure to the sun can play an atrocious role in triggering flare ups. Therefore, it is imperative for one to choose a moisturizer that boasts of a high SPF (sun protection factor). The moisturizer should provide a minimum of SPF 15 protection.  

  • Not all moisturizers are the same. There are various different types of moisturizers in the market that have been specifically formulated to be used for specific skin types - dry, oily, sensitive skin etc. A victim of Rosacea should only opt for moisturizers that don't boast of unnecessary and triggering ingredients such as alcohol and fragrances. When searching for a moisturizer to help with Rosacea, one should look for a product that provides moisture to the skin without irritating the skin. Therefore, one must not use products that contain the following ingredients; eucalyptus, menthol, acetone, camphor, urea, and retinol etc. Instead, one must pick moisturizers that have ingredients that can provide relief and have a soothing effect such as aloe, green tea, and chamomile. These ingredients can also reduce the redness and inflammation of the skin.

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