REVIEW: Avon Mark. Spectralash Mascara

Hello everyone :)

Avon has some new products and today I’m going to share my review of the Spectralash mascara with you. The Mark. line is basically just the old products that have been updated (changed the packaging) and to be completely honest with you, I hate that they're trying to promote it like they're new products, because they're not, it really annoys me :D

It's the same with this Spectralash mascara. Yes, it's a nice and innovative concept, however Avon already had a "three step" Spectralash mascara back in 2009. It's basically a mascara with a built in dial that dials up to three to intensify your mascara experience. All you have to do is twist up the packaging to customize your preferred level of volume. I was so eager to try it and see if it really works.

The overall formula is quite good with a nice inky formula. It’s waterproof and has nice long wear. It doesn’t keep curl particularly well, but it does a great job of creating fuller, longer, thicker lashes when dialed up to three. 

I prefer the mascara stay dialed to three for the best results as 1 and 2 give my lashes a rather whimpy look but dialed to three they look nice and plump. However, you do have to be careful as this setting puts quite an excess of product on the brush which could cause clumping when applied. It happens to me quite often and I really hate the look of clumped lashes.

Without any mascara:

Dialed to 1:

Dialed to 2:

Dialed to 3:

As you can see from the pictures above, the mascara does give you a nice length, but it comes with a price - clumped lashes. I'm not sure if it will be better with time, when it will be more dry or not, I'll just have to wait and see :D I use it with another mascara to make sure it separates my lashes and they don't look like spiders.

Overall, It’s worth checking out for the price if you don't mind the look of clumped lashes or if you will use it with another mascara because the length is really nice.

What do you think? :)

Happy Sunday <3

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  1. I didn't use this mascara, but It' looks so great, and very useful! Like it a lot! Wonderful review.


  2. it looks really good on your lashes. i love mascare that adds volume to the lashes.

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  3. Cool review dear! :)

  4. Hello dear thanks for your honest review
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  5. Świetny efekt. :)

  6. Sounds like really interesting and unique mascara, good to know that Avon has it in its offer :)

    Have a lovely evening dear Katja,

  7. Amazing this mascara :) kiss

  8. I don't really like mascaras by this brand(

  9. This product is new in Avon in Bosnia, but I have not yet tried.

    Moj mali kutak

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