Essence "Life Is A Festival" TE - PREVIEW

Vibrant beats, happy smiles and endless freedom: from April until May 2017, the new essence trend edition “life is a festival” is spreading the impulsive flair of an unforgettable visit to a festival.

Essence "Life Is A Festival" - Eyeshadow Stick

Long-lasting, soft eyeshadow stick for quick styles in gold or rosewood.

Available in 01 Never Miss A Chance To Dance! and 02 Live, Love, Laugh!

Essence "Life Is A Festival" - Finger And Body Jewellery Tattos

Trendy designs like peace signs, arrows and tribal patterns make a statement on your fingers and body.

Available in 01 Wild Heart, Gypsy Soul!

Essence "Life Is A Festival" - Velvet Matt Lip Coat

This top coat gives any lipstick a matt finish – a must at every festival!

Available in 01 Great Memories Last Forever.

Essence "Life Is A Festival" - Lipstick

High-coverage lipsticks in bordeaux, neon pink and rosewood create a perfect party mood.

Available in 01 Good Vibes Only!, 02 Stay Hippie! and 03 Live, Love, Laugh!

Essence "Life Is A Festival" - Nail Polish

The high-shine polishes in bordeaux, pink and rosewood offer the ultimate spring update for your nails

Available in 01 Good Vibes Only!, 02 Stay Hippie! and 03 Live, Love, Laugh!

Essence "Life Is A Festival" - Peace Concealer Palette 

Nude, brown and rosé tones create a smooth complexion – even when you’ve danced through the night!

Available in 01 A Piece Of Peace.

Essence "Life Is A Festival" - Duo Blush

The intensive apricot-pink combo with a colour gradient and a neon touch conjures-up a splash of colour on the cheekbones.

Available in 01 Hippie Hippie Hooray!

Essence "Life Is A Festival" - Pouch

The pouch with a tribal design offers space for all of the most import- ant festival essentials like lipstick and money.

Available in 01 Bohemian Like you.

Essence "Life Is A Festival" - Hair Jewellery Tattoos

Hair tattoos in gold and neon colours are the coolest it-accessory at any festival!

Available in 02 Do More Of What Makes You Hippie.

Essence "Life Is A Festival" - Refreshing Hair Fragrance


The hair fragrance with caring oils gives the hair a boost of freshness in a flash!

Available in 01 You'll Moon Walk Alone. 

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