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Hi loves :3
Born Pretty Store gave me yet another opportunity to chose items for review purposes. I've been working with this company constantly and the items I have chosen before are still in perfect condition, so you know they're not bad quality at all. This time I chose 5 pieces of jewelry.
They offer free worldwide shipping, always have great deals and an amazing variety of products! The package usually takes 4 - 5 weeks to arrive to Slovenia and it's always safely wrapped in a bubble wrap, to prevent any damage.
The first item I chose is a boho bracelet that has 5 different charms on it. I really like it, also because it's adjustable and not just for people with thin wrists ;)

Love the charms, they're really adorable!

 It's really nice to wear and it would suit basically any outfit :)

It retails for 3,63$ (currently on sale) and you can buy it here -> CLICK.

The second item I chose is a bracelet with ring that are really popular at the moment.

Unfortunately it doesn't fit my wrist but that's completely my fault since the measurements are provided on the website. I will give it to my sister and I think she will really like it :) So the picture below is from the website, so you can see how it looks on.


It retails for 2,59$ and you can buy it here -> CLICK.

The next item I chose are star earrings.

These are so beautiful and I actually bought a pair of the exact same ones on Ebay before, but they unfortunately broke, so finally I have them again :) I love them because they're so unique.

I chose mine in silver but you can also get them in rose gold. They retail for 2,89$ and you can get them here -> CLICK.

The next item is a set of three pendant necklaces, that you can wear together, or alone., whichever you prefer.

The pendants are small but I really like them because they're just a small touch to any outfit :)

I will probably wear them all together because to me they look nicer like that.

They are currently on sale for 1,69$ which is a bargain for three necklaces and you can buy them here -> CLICK.
And the last but not the least is a product I have been most excited about. It's a lace choker.

Love the details on this one, it's really special and I really like it! Looks really chic.

It's on sale for 2,28$ which is an awesome price for this quality choker. You can buy it here -> CLICK.

If you want to save even more money, you can use my code TJAT10, which is valid for all non-discounted items on Born Pretty Store.

My favourite item from this haul is definitely a lace choker, what's yours?
Big thanks to Born Pretty Store <3


*products were sent to me for review

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  1. Beautil jewelry Dear:) I like the last choker:)
    Have a lovely day!

  2. I love this accessories:) so nice kiss

  3. Beautiful but I am in love with the first bracelet. Very my style ^_* Kiss xx

  4. Really lovely earrings my favorite

  5. Thank you very much =) You're welcome.

    Great posts, so lovely bracelets =)
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    Have a lovely day too <3

    1. Thank you!

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    2. Yes this Essence Limited Edition is so cute =P
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  6. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  7. I love your new jewelry, especially that silver bracelet looks amazing!

  8. Your jewelry is awesome :)

  9. Woow Katja such an amazing collab opportunity, well deserved girl!
    I love every item you've chosen, but the last one, the choker is my favorite
    So pretty!

    Happy week for you
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    Kisses, Isabelle

    1. Oh thank you so much Isabelle <3

      My favourite is choker as well, it's really adorable :)

      Wishing you a lovely week as well hun! xx

  10. wow, everything looks so cool! I lvoe chokers)

  11. Wonderful accesories , you have great taste my dear :-)

  12. Great accessories dear! :) ♥
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  13. bellissimi accessori.mi piacciono tutti

  14. with out cosmetics. when you have acne-inclined pores and skin, pick out cosmetics that do

  15. Beautiful accessories ;)

  16. Really nice post and good review! I like Born Pretty store and them items.


  17. A very interesting post !!! I like your blog and for this I stay as follower, I hope you follow me too!!!
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  18. lovely accessories Katja!!!

  19. I agree, that the lace choker is stunning, although I like too these earrings and necklace pendants :-)