REVIEW: Avon Anew Vitale Visible Perfection BB Cream

Hey everyone :)

Today I'll write about the Avon's newest addition to the Anew Vitale visible perfection range, which is a BB cream. As you may or may not know the Anew range is usually more expensive, however this BB cream is really affordable, costs around 6,90€ and you get  30 ml of product! :)

BB creams are in the summer definitely  a must for me, because I don't want to wear a full coverage foundation since it's so hot outside! This one is travel friendly, because it's small, so a plus if you want to take it to the seaside! :)

The cream comes only in one shade and it's suppose to adjust to your skin tone. Usually I hate creams like this - up to this point they always turned out much darker on me than my skin is. This one however surprised me and it really matches my tone nicely. It does give you a light coverage, which almost all of BB creams do, since they're not really foundations, they're more like a tinted moisturizers.

It contains SPF 20 UVA/UVB, which is really nice in the summer days as well. 

It claims to also fill in your pores, but I didn't really notice that - keep in mind I do have enormous pores, so that just may be why ;)

I have to say I'm using it since I bought it, and that's at least three weeks now. I like it a lot, especially right now when it's extremely hot outside and the last thing I want is cakey, heavy foundation on my face. I'll definitely take it with me when I go to vacations!

- spf 20 uva/uvb
- lightweight
- travel friendly
- affordable!

- it does have a light scent, that may bother some people
- light coverage (which can also be a pro, depending on what you're looking for ;))

Hope you enjoyed this, let me know if you have tried it ;)


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  1. Great review Katja, sounds like an awesome bb cream

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  7. questo brand mi incuriosisce moltissimo

  8. Good to know that BB has high spv, it's huge pro! :)