Essence "Summer Fun" Trend Edition - Preview

Cool for pool! Everything is twice the fun in the summertime: eating ice-cream with friends, exuberant pool parties or legendary festivals. From July until August 2016, Essence offers just the right beauty pieces for a summery look with the new trend edition "Summer Fun". The collection includes bright colours like pink, turquouise and blue, exciting cooling textures and must-haves for the hair. 
Ready for the summer from head to toe - with Essence!

Essence Summer Fun - Cooling Eyeshadow

Stay cool! The slightly cooling eyeshadow texture creates long-lasting make-up styles in blue or white.

Available in 01 Pool position and 02 shine brighter than the sun.

Essence Summer Fun - Eyebrow, Lash & Hair Mascara

In colour. The mascara offers turquoise colour highlights for the lashes, brows and hair.

Available in  01 Meet me at the pool.

Essence Summer Fun - Lipstick Pen

Wet vs matt! Pink with a shiny "wet look" finish and matt red are the summer favorites for the lips.

Available in 01 Walking on sunshine and 02 Girls just wanna have sun.

Essence Summer Fun - Cream To Powder Instant Glow

Glow to go! The creamy highlighter gives the cheeks rosy accents with a light shimmer.

Available in 01 Walking on sunshine.

Essence Summer Fun -  Cream To Powder Blush

Summer complexion. The creamy texture turns to powder upon application and ensures a fresh complexion.

Available in 01 Girls just wanna have sun.

Essence Summer Fun - Mini Make-Up Sponges

Specialist! The mini sponges are pros at applying creamy textures! 3 sponges per pouch.

Available in 01 Be my sunshine today!

Essence Summer Fun -  Nail Polish


Mirror glaze. Four nail polishes in turquoise, white, pink and red create summery nails with a "wet look" effect.

Available in 01 Meet me at the pool, 02 Shine brighter than the sun, 03 Walking on sunshine and 04 Girls just wanna have sun.

Essence Summer Fun - Nail Sticker

Ice cream love! Cute designs of various ice-cream images ensure nail styles with a fun factor.

Available in 01 I scream for ice cream!

Essence Summer Fun - Cooling Body Splash

Fresh up! The cooling body splash offers a boost of freshness on hot days and leaves behind a pleasant fragrance.

Available in 01 Splash to refresh!

Essence Summer Fun - Hair Styling Set

 Multitalents! This set contains a hair spiral for awesome styles and two hair ties, which can also be worn as wristbands.

Available in 01 Here comes the sun. 

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  1. Lovely post Katja, i have never used anything from essense before, sounds like a great brandto try.
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    1. Thank you Kerona! :) You definitely should try it :)

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  2. Lovely edition:) I like this brand:)

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  8. Sounds like great collection, thanks to you I always know all of newest things from Essence, thank you, dear :)

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  12. I hope those cute little sponges will be good :D Whole collection is cute & colorfull

    1. Me too, I hope I find them in the stores :) Indeed, it's a pretty nice summery collection! :)

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