REVIEW: Oriflame Love Nature Face Toner

Hey everyone :)

I wanted to do this review because the Oriflame Love Nature tea tree range has been my hoily grail for years. I've been struggling with spots/acne when I was a teenager and it was really, really bad. I tried a lot of different products, from quite expensive ones to the less. This whole range helped me immediately and it really is affordable.

The tea tree range is meant for oily skin, but it works amazing for me and I have combination skin. Today I have for you a review of the face toner.

It comes in a transparent bottle and has a white screw cap. I think it's travel friendly, but it can be bulky, since the bottle isn't that small. It's light green colour with liquid consistency. You simply need to pour a small amount of the toner onto the cotton pad and swipe it gently over your face. It absorbs almost instantly. Feels nice and cool on the skin, it controls oil and keeps my skin oil free for a long time.

My only complaint with this toner is that it contains alcohol. It does have a strong tea tree scent and some people may not like it.

- keeps skin smooth and oil free
- contains tea tree
- prevents pimples from occurring
- soothes and treats acne

- contains alcohol
- strong tea tree scent might bother some people

I would highly recommend this range for people with oily/combination skin. It not only makes skin clean and oil free, but keeps pimples at bay.

Hope you enjoyed, Kisses,

Katja :)

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  1. So precise and detailed thanks!Interesting beauty product! xx

  2. Wonderful product:) kiss

  3. This sounds amazing!! I love oriflame products!!

    1. It's really great, especially for acne prone skin. Oh they do have some really nice products indeed :)

  4. This looks so good
    What a great review :D
    Too bad it contains alcohol

    x Isabelle | Outfit Van De
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    Instagram: @outfitvandedagblog
    Twitter: @outfitvandedag

    1. Oh thank you Isabelle! :) Yeah well it's the only con unfortunately, but I love it anyway :)


  5. Sorry to hear that this toner contains alcohol, but anyway, sounds like it is great product, Katja :)

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