First Impressions: Avon Nutra Effects - Micellar Cleansing Water

Hey loves :)

After a long time another first impressions post. Today It's about the newest addition to the Avon's Nutra Effects range - Micellar Cleansing Water. 

It's meant for all skin types and you all know how I feel about that by now. To me it seems the claim to fit all skin types, hair types etc. ridiculous, but oh well :D I have combination skin type and so far it worked just nice.

I really like that it's not scented at all, because it will appeal to all people. It's also soap free, allergy tested and free of parabens and dyes, which I appreciate since I'm trying to use more natural options. They also claim it's suitable for sensitive skin which I can't say if it's true since my skin is not that sensitive at all.

I've used it a few times now and I have to say though it removed my face makeup nicely with almost no effort at all, I really struggled to remove my mascara, and I don't use waterproof versions. I've actually had to use another micellar just to remove the mascara fully. But I do have to say I really pack the mascara on my lashes, because my main focus is on lashes, so I do use a few mascaras on everyday bases, like 3-4 and that might be why I didn't work as nice as on my face.

All in all it's a nice micellar water, but I think they're better ones out there, especially if you wear a full face makeup a lot!

Hope you enjoyed, have a lovely weekend guys :) And please don't forget the giveaway is still open -> CLICK.


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  1. I just baught micellar water after reading so many good things about it. Great review!!

    Happy weekend :)

    1. I love them because it makes removing the makeup so easy! :)

      Thank you dear, wishing you the same! :)

  2. Never tried this one out but seems pretty cool!
    Have a nice day,

  3. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  4. Looks absolutely great
    And too admit, I struggle pretty hard too with my cleansing water to take of my mascara, and it's not waterproof either
    Somehow I think cosmetic productions intend to make it more water like, so it wouldn't cause any harm when in contact with your eyes
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    1. Thank you!

      Oh really? That would definitely explain it.

      Have a lovely weekend hun :)*

  5. hi I was given this product as a gift,with no instructions.After cleansing face,do we need to use tonic or not,before applying face cream.Thankyou.