Avon haul C10


Hello everyone!
I'm back with another post :D Yesterday I got Avon package for campaign 10, so I decided to show you what I bought.

1. Advance Techniques 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner anti-dandruff – 400 ml; 2.20€

This has a very nice creamy texture, smells nice and because it is shampoo and conditioner in one bottle you save up some money. I've actually purchased this one before and it did help me get rid of dandruff. For this 400 ml bottle I paid only 2.20€.

2. Senses Awakening Citrus Zing Shower gel – 250 ml; 1.30€

I have never bought any shower gel from Avon (since I sell it, probably around 2 years) because they just seem too expensive for me. This one was on sale for 1.30€ and I thought I should try it. So far I have nothing bad to tell. The scent is wonderful – fruity. After use, skin is left clansed and pleasantly refreshed. It's price when it is not on sale is 3€, which I think is too much, especially with the 250ml bottle only.


3. Foot Works heel softening cream – 75ml; 1.50€

This limited edition design looks so georgeus :D Avon says: Locks in moisture, restores skin to a healthy condition. I've actually read quite a few good reviews about this, so we'll see if it will work for me.

4. Solutions BB gentle beauty balm MATTE – 30ml; 6.90€

 This cream is a matte one BB and it's new, it's gonna be in campaign 11 for 9.50€. There is actually a normal version of this cream. I bought it because I have oily skin and I'm still looking for perfect foundation/cream.  It is formulated with Jujube Fruit extract and has a nice scent. Some people may not like it. They say it provides light diffusing and oil-absorbing properties. We'll see about that :P There are 2 different shades, light and medium. I have it in light.        

5. Perfect kiss Lip gloss in NATURALLY NUDE – 6 ml; 2€


Again, this lip gloss was also on sale :D I'm so excited about this one, because it is such a pretty shade and a lovely packaging too. I have tried it and it has a lovely creamy texture and makes your lips feel so soft, however, it doesn't stay on very long. I would not pay the full price for this.

 6. Colortrend liquid eyeliner in ELEPHANT GRAY; 1.70€

Such a cute packaging and colour too, but i'm so disappointed with this, really. Well I wasn't expecting much, but I really don't like the brush. It's so tiny and narrow. I haven't tried it on my eyes yet (just swatched on my hand) maybe it will change my mind. I hope so :) It definitely is different of what i'm used to.

Well that's all I bought from this campaign. If you would like me to do a review of any of the products, just let me know.

Do you use any of this products? :)


5 komentarjev:

  1. Do a review on the Solutions BB gentle beauty balm MATTE :D

  2. uuu, jaz si že nekaj časa želim preizkusiti Avon ampak je tako težko najti nekoga ki dejansko prodaja Avon (Oriflame še gre) :) Gloss je pa božanski!
    Passing Fancy​

    1. A res? Meni pa se zdi ravno obratno :D Vsaj v naši regiji je veliko več prodajalcev Avona :) Drugače če želiš, ti lahko pošljem katalog - brezplačno, če te zanima :) Tako pošiljam vsepovsod.

      Hvala, res je lep odtenek :)