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Today's post is all about At Baginning, more is more with wide selection of trendy bag styles from tote, backpack, fanny pack, satchel bags and leater handbags, etc. Professional designers and fine craftmanship stand out with featuring the high - quality leather material to make sure the product is good with a fair price point. Woman's bag is an accessory, which must pair well with casual outfits or evening dresses, that's why the bag is an investment which will last you for years.

They ship worldwide for free and standard shipping time takes about 7 - 21 days. You can also pay for express shipping which would take about 1 - 6 days. I love the fact that this company doesn't perform tests on animals for their products and their products do not contain real fur. They refuse to use feathers, leather, skins or any other material sourced from animals. They opt to find alternatives to animal products, to manufacture them with the same or even better quality as fur and other animal products.

Today I'll show you my favourite bags :) Let's start with clear tote bags, since these are a total trend right now!

Next, I browsed through their selection of leather totes.

And the last but not the least, I searched through variety of leather totes for going out.

I think the selection of bags is amazing. They seem good quality and look very nice, you can easily dress them up or down if you want to. Check the store for more amazing bags.

Let me know which one's your favourite :)

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