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Hey everyone!

Today I want to share with you a new website with special occasion dresses. It's called They're located in Oregon, the United States and their aim is to be a convenient online shop that focuses on affordable bridesmaid dresses for any kind of wedding aestehetic. Your wedding is supposed to be this magical day in your life that you don't do - over again which is why they want you to make it unforgettable. That starts by dressing the most important women in your life in dresses that will make them shine, sparkle, and glow as they watch you profess your love publicly.

They offer not only standard sized bridesmaid dresses, but also customized options according to the size provided by each bridesmaid. They take these measurements and work to save costs wherever possible while finalizing the dress. Unline other platforms, all of their customizations are free of extra charge, which makes it easy for you to bring your creative vision to life. Therefore, they do not stock dresses. They make them originally and uniquely according to the bespoke requirements that you, and you alone, present to their team. They have refined the production cycle to ensure completion in just 3 - weeks time, delivered to you for free.

They also have offer right now going on from the 1st of September till the 15th of September - if you buy 2 bridesmaid dresses, you get 1 for free!

I'll show you some of my favourites from their range of bridesmaid dresses online.

With the main items including bridesmaid dresses and accessories such as shoes or bouquet, BM Bridal's products will be an ideal choice for your wedding.

Definitely check them out!


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