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Hey everyone <3

This post is continuing with the collaboration with the lovely store They sell high quality, stylish, fashionable and unique dresses, bridal gowns, ball gowns, wedding dresses and matching accessories. They offer timeless pieces as well as the latest trends in the international catwalks.

Besides that, their website is very intuitive and easy to use and find all the desired products. It's organized by sections and types of events/occasions so you can jump straight away to the desired category. When you select a dress you even have different options to choose from: size, colours etc.

I'd like to show you some of the designs and styles they offer. You will find all the links down below the photos, so if any of them look appealing to you, you can check them out immediately :)

First I'll show you some of my favourites from their "Cocktailkleid" collection, which means coctail dresses.

The second range of dresses I'd like to show you are "Abendmode" which means long evening dresses.

And the last but not least I'll show you the dresses that caught my eye from their selection of "Ballkleider kurz" which means party dresses.

Hope you enjoyed, let me know which one is your favourite :)


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  1. That first dress is definitely my favourite but they are all really lovely!

  2. Absolutely beautiful dresses !! Lovely selection:**Regards

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