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Hey guys :)

I've been recently contacted by the company that sells online prescription glasses - Jupitoo.com. Jupitoo.com is a retailer whose factory is located in Shenzhen, China. It's the largest production base for high-end brand eyeglass frames worldwide. They produce more than 10 million pairs of glasses per year. Their idea of creating glasses online store is to help people find affordable glasses and by cutting costs at traditional retailers, they transformed prescription eyeglasses from an overpriced necessity into an afordable must-have accessory. With 10 years of expertise in the optical industry, Jupitoo is able to offer a wide range of prescription glasses to the consumer at a very low price.


They have a team of more than 150 optical specialists to ensure that every product that is produced is of superb quality, each process is under control in Jupitoo's own factory and each pair of glasses needs strict quality testing after processing, to make sure that they are able to provide their customers with remarkable products.

They offer prescription glasses as well as sunglasses for women and man, for different shapes of faces as well, which is so nice! I'll show you some of my favourites from the browline glasses collection.



Their customer service team is also made up of 50 professional opticians, providing the highest quality service to each of their customers. They'll help you find a great looking, comfortable and high quality pair of eyeglasses :) I'm also really impressed because they have partnership with the Children's Vision Health Charity, a wonderful organization that has helped them to provide 1000 pairs of new eyeglasses to children in need. Such a lovely gesture!

They currently have a promotion going on for sunglasses - buy one get one for free! Which is amazing and in my opinion totally worth at least browsing through their site :)



Hope you enjoyed!


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