REVIEW: Images Deep Sea Moisturizing Mask

Hey guys :)

Today I'm back with a face mask review. I tried yesterday this Images Deep Sea moisturizing mask. It's a sheet mask which I'm loving at the moment.

I bought it long time ago on Ebay. I think I paid less than an euro for it, very affordable.

Unfortunately almost everything written on it I don't understand :D I found ingredients on the internet: Hamamelis Extract, Glycerin, Seaweed Extract. 

When I opened it I first noticed how moist it was. It was almost dripping since it was so moist. 

I also noticed a weird scent, but I don't know how to describe it. It wasn't pleasant,
but it wasn't as bad either.

The mask itself was a bit too big for me. It didn't feel as nice as other sheet masks I tried before. 

I was waiting for the results... but wasn't pleased. I didn't think it did anything to my skin..
at least nothing special at all. So I was a bit disappointed honestly, but what can you do for such
an affordable mask you can't really expect much.

Have you tried it?
Happy weekend guys <3

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  1. I have used something like this and it is very cooling to my face.

  2. What a shame! It is always a letdown when a face mask doesn't seem to do very much.

  3. Wow, it looks like a great product (:
    Thanks for sharing, I'm followin you!

    CM | XIII.

  4. Interesting mask. We keep in touch. xx

  5. I really enjoyed your candid review.
    I'm following your blog via GFC, could you follow my blog too?

  6. Sorry to hear that this mask wasn't nothing special.