3 Reasons to go to a salon instead of a barber shop

Hey everyone, sorry I've been away, I've been preparing for holidays and working a lot, also been sick so yeah... This time I'm writing about a topic of choosing a salon over the barber shop, which is especially important topic for men out there ;)

Salons and barber shops can both get the job done of grooming men. However, the two still have fine distinctions. If you are asking which of the two is better, this post could help you understand a salon and a barbershop better.

For years, we used to reserve salons as a place only for women. Now a lot has changed and you may see salons that focus on styling men. A salon may be more expensive than your traditional barber shop but you will get what you pay for. Aside from the haircut itself, you will get a soothing massage beforehand and a shampooing afterward. Here are some more reasons why it is better to head to the salon rather than to your local barber shop.

  1. You will get professional results with a salon.  Barbers are good at doing classic haircuts because they were trained to do so. A barbershop might be the place to go to if you are looking for traditional and shorter hairstyles. But if you are looking for textured or specialized hairstyles, better go to salon. Besides, salon stylists are well-trained about the latest hair trends. You may also ask your stylist what color suits your hair best in case you want a new haircolor, highlights, and lowlights.

  1. Salon stylists are more knowledgeable with styling products and nourishing treatment. You can save a lot more dollars with a barbershop simply because all you have to do is wait for your haircut to get done. In a salon, you will be treated with shampooing after your haircut. Professional hair stylists use only the best, such as the Aveda mens haircut to make sure that your hair gets treated with natural and safe products. Salons can give you deep conditioning treatments, which you will need especially if you have damaged hair.

  1. They can offer styling services for special occasions. Heading to an important event, like a wedding or a corporate dinner? It is important to look as presentable as possible and if you want to appear more fashion-forward, you should not miss the perfect hairstyle. The people at the salon can identify what style suits you based on the shape of your face or which color looks best on you.

There are salons that also offer maintenance consultation aside from the soothing shampoo and styling. You can expect to befriend your salon stylist, since the services they offer are longer. They are trained with customer-service skills. Usually, the people at the salon also earn cosmetology license so you can expect them to know a lot of things that concern grooming. They were trained to do hair straightening, full highlights, and facial waxes among others. The best part is that some salons serve as a one-stop grooming station that caters to men, women, and kids so you don’t have to go far to look beautiful! Book your appointment now and get ready to look your best. 

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