Essence "I Want Candy" TE - PREVIEW


Candy kind of day! From mid June to mid July 2017, essence is collaborating with Chupa Chups® to create a lollipop frenzy with the trend edition “I want candy”, which contains super-cute beauty pieces that have the irresistible fragrance of the bestselling Chupa Chups®.

Essence "I Want Candy" - Scented Nail Polish

The top coat with a peach scent gives any nail polish a fantastic pearl finish. Use in combination with the scented nail polish to create new fragrances. 
Available in 01 i want peach!

Essence "I Want Candy" - Scented Nail Scrub

A soft nail scrub with a lollipop look and strawberry scream scent - also ideal as a gift.

Available in 01 Sweet Sugar Shock.

Essence "I Want Candy" - Lolly Dots Eyeliner

A deep black eyeliner pen with a triple-ball tip for unique eye makeup-styles. 

Available in 01 Dot It All!

Essence "I Want Candy" - Scented Eyeshadow Palette

The four cheerful shades with different effects have a strawberry scent and ensure a summery look.
Available in 01 I don't care, I lolly!

Essence "I Want Candy" - Scented Lipgloss Palette

Four Lipglosses in candy colours put the lips in the spotlight and give them a delicious cherry scent too!

Available in 01 I don't care, I lolly!

Essence "I Want Candy" - Scented Nail Stickers

Cute images and a cool scent give any manicure an absolutely unique touch.
Available in 01 I want it all.

Essence "I Want Candy" - Blush Brush

The brush is ideal for applying and blending powder blush.

Available in 01 Lovely lolly looks for love.

Essence "I Want Candy" - Scented Blush Shimmer Pearls

The blush pearls in perfectly aligned shades with a gorgeous shimmer ensure a rosy complexion.

Available in 01 I want it all!

Essence "I Want Candy" - Scented Hair Brush

The small brush with a cola fragrance ensures perfect style - also thanks to the integrated mirror in the shape of Chupa Chups logo on the back of the brush head.

Available in 01 I put cola in my hairs, like I just don't care.

Essence "I Want Candy" - Scented Body Splash

The light body spray provides a boost of freshness and leaves behind a pleasant peach fragrance.

Available in 01 s'peach & splash

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