Essence "Winter Glow" TE - PREVIEW

Happy winter mood! The new essence trend edition “winter glow” is playing with contrasts in December 2016 and January 2017. Cold vs. warm, ice vs. sun, matt vs. shimmering – this winter fascinates us with cool colors like stone grey and icy silver as well as warm colors like rosé-gold, apricot and red. The two powder cushion lipsticks and the cushion blush are the ultimate winter pieces. Winter wonderland – with essence!

Essence Winter Glow - Illuminating Eyeshadow Base

Bright eyes! Use it as a base to intensify the color of eyeshadow and makes it last longer or as a highlighting primer to set accents underneath the brows and on the inner corners of the eyes. 

Available in 01 turn all the lights on!

Essence Winter Glow - Loose Eyeshadow

Sparkling Shadow. The loose, baked pigments give the eyeshadows a special radiance and ensure a beautiful shimmer in silver, grey-purple and rosé gold. 

Available in 01 frozen eyes, 02 stonecold and 03 gleaming in the winter sun. 

Essence Winter Glow - Eyeshadow Applicator

Frosty helper. The ideal tool for the accurate application of loose or pressed eyeshadow.

Available in
01 miss frost.

Essence Winter Glow - Cushion Powder Lipstick

Lips on fire! The powder lipstick in an innovative cushion packaging is a real highlight. It unites a high coverage in apricot and red with a matt finish that won’t make the lips feel dry. 

Available in 01 melt my lips and 02 winter kissed. 

Essence Winter Glow - Multi-Use Ombre Lipliner

Two-tone. Ombré styles are easy to achieve with this lipliner. Simply use the white pencil to lighten the powder cushion lipstick towards the outside of your lips for this ultra-trendy look. 

Available in 01 white like a snowflake.

Essence Winter Glow - Lip Scrub & Care

Sugar lips! Soft sugar crystals offer a gentle peeling effect and the balm makes the lips feel smooth and supple – the ideal basis for lipstick.

Available in
01 melt away.

Essence Winter Glow - Cushion Powder Blush

Cool cushion. The blush provides the cheeks with a softly shimmering touch of red for a fresh look. The practical cushion packaging with an integrated mirror makes it a perfect companion when you’re on the go. 

Available in 01 sunrose.

Essence Winter Glow - Liquid Glow Perfection Cream

Light up! The cream with a light coverage contains color-correcting and light-reflecting pigments for a flawless complexion and a radiant glow. 

Available in 01 you're beautiful!

Essence Winter Glow - Translucent Fixing Powder

Snow White. The powder can be worn on top of foundation to mattify the skin and set make-up in place. Worn solo, the transparent powder ensures a matt, natural and smooth complexion. 

Available in 01 the soft touch. 

Essence Winter Glow - Nail Polish

Ice & fire! These polishes are sure to warm all hearts this winter. Red and stone grey in “icy matt” with silver particles and a matt finish as well as silver and rosé gold with a “luminous effect“, which reflects the light. 

Available in 01 miss frost, 02 i see ice, 03 lumos! and 04 let it glow!

Essence Winter Glow - 3D Knit Nail Stickers

Hand-knit. The self-adhesive stickers bring various cool knit patterns to your nails. They can be applied underneath or on top of nail polish. 

Available in 01 cold hands, warm hearts. 

Essence Winter Glow - Intensive Care Hand Butter

Care for the cold. The silky-soft, moisturizing texture of this hand butter pampers hands and cuticles to make them feel wonderfully soft and supple. With a subtle cotton milk fragrance. 

Available in 01 hello, i care for you

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  1. Essence always have the best products with high quality!!
    Great sellection :D

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  2. My favorite brand, nice products:)
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  3. Never tried these products before, they sound really great. I like the pretty packaging :)
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  4. Amazing post, packaging and products.
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  5. Wonderful collection!
    I like Essence!
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  6. nice preview katja, these look amazing

  7. Love the idea of the theme! "Winter Glow" is such a twist! I think I might need the liquid glow perfection cream <3



    1. I know right, they always have amazing names for their collections and products as well! :) xx

  8. Thanks a lot, darling :D You're amazing :D

    As I said, I really want some of Essence products :D

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  11. I love essence!!
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  12. This collection is very beautyful! I like Loose Eyeshadow and Cushion Powder Blush. they're very interesting. Kiss xx

  13. Seems like really good collection, love these nail stickers :)

  14. Woow, this collection is stunning! I love all the items, especially the nail polishes :)

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  16. Powder lipstick sounds interesting & the shades are pretty. Hand butter is something I love & hope this one will be great


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