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Hey! :)

In today's post I'll show you the things I again had the opportunity to chose for review, from Born Pretty Store. If you follow me for a long time, you know I've been constantly working with this company and I can not be thankful enough! :)

Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping, they always have great deals and an amazing variety of products! The package usually takes 4 - 5 weeks to arrive to Slovenia and it's always safely wrapped in a bubble wrap, to prevent any damage.

The first item I chose is this hair band, because I'm always irritated by the hair getting on my face, especially in the summer.

It comes only in black and is very sturdy and comfortable to wear. I really like the look it gives!

It retails for 0,99$ (on sale) and I would definitely recommend it! You can find it here -> CLICK.

The second item is a bohemian bracelet :)

I chose mine in black because I wanted to play it safe, but the colourful ones look amazing too! They have six different colours to chose from. 

The quality is really nice. It currently costs 3,99$ (on sale) and you can get it here -> CLICK.

And the last but not the least are my current favourite earrings :)

I love the style of these, you'll see on the picture how they look on. You can get them in silver or gold, but I prefer silver. They're sturdy and look amazing, you can dress them up or down! :)

These retail for 4,99$ (on sale) and you can buy them here -> CLICK.

But if you want to save even more money, you can use my code TJAT10, which is valid for all non-discounted items on Born Pretty Store.

A big thank you to the company again <3


*products were sent to me for review purposes

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  2. Such a cute earrings :)

  3. Great accessories:) You look very pretty!

  4. I love this accessories kiss

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  6. Nice! Love the earrings! You have beautiful eyes :)

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  8. nice your purchases.

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  11. lovely post and choices katja!!

  12. I love that bracelet, it's really chic and btw, I have really similar one, also from BPS :)