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Hey loves :)

Finally a makeup collection post. This will be divided in parts depending on the products. We're starting today with highlighters, since there's only a small amount of them in my collection :D

1. Essence "Cinderella" LE Highlighter Powder - 01 The Glass Slipper

This highlighter has imprinted a rose pattern and looks absolutely adorable! It's such an eye catcher, in fact, the whole Cinderella collection was very cute! It's very pigmented so a little goes a long way. It has a cool toned light pink shade. Btw I was lucky enough to find this gem on sale for 0,99€, what a bargain, right? ;)

2. Catrice Prime And Fine Highlighting Powder - 010 Fairy Dust

My favourite highlighter at the moment. It's a very light shimmery beige powder. I think it's perfect for everyday wear, because you get a lovely golden glow which looks amazing in the sun. You can also be reassured that you will not go overboard with it since it's quite light to apply, but you can definitely build it up. However if you want a really strong highlight, you'll be disappointed.

3. Essence "Road Trip" LE Highlighter - 01 Highway To Pretty

Another one that's not highly pigmented, but makes it easier to use especially for beginners. It's a pink highlighter with glitter, not a big fan to be honest.

4. Essence Soo Glow! Cream to Powder Highlighter - 10 Look On The Bright Side

As the name suggests it's a cream highlighter, yellowish colour. It's really pretty but it's quite white so it might not be suitable for all skin tones. Also blends nicely.

5. Essence "Urbaniced" LE Highlighter -  01 The Happy Direction

Highly pigmented highlighter with buttery texture. It's very appropriate for fair skin, because of it's light shade. It has however a floral scent to it and it's very noticable which I don't like at all.

6. Avon Blush & Bronze Trio

I bought this one mainly because of the concept of having 3 products in one which is very nice, especially for travelling. However I'm quite disappointed with it and I'm actually thinking of selling it. The highlighter is otherwise quite nice, but too glittery, even for me - and I love glitter! :D But the most disappointing thing about this product for me is that is has a strong scent and it almost makes me sick.. It's overwhelming really and I'm not reaching for this one just because of that fact. Too bad...

Well that's all guys,  this is the smallest part of my makeup collection :D

I hope you enjoyed,


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  1. Great items Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  2. Nice post, have a good day

  3. Great highlighters
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  4. Nice collection, i love highlighters xoxo

  5. Love your review, worth reading. Different highlighters all in one post Would surely try them.
    Have a nice day.
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  6. Sorry to hear about that trio from Avon, personally I also thought about buying it, luckily, I didn't.

    1. Lucky you;) I mean it's not a bad product, but the scent is really overwhelming and I'm usually not sensitive to scents, however this one makes me sick when I have it open.. :(

      Have a great weekend dear!

  7. Wow these are so the look of these highlighters...xoxo

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  8. The Cinderella from Essence is my fav!! With all those little roses, so cute! *-*
    Have a nice day dear!

    1. Indeed, it's really adorable! :) I'm almost scared to touch it haha :)

      Thank you & I wish you the same dear <3

  9. This is why I like reviews.. I don't like scented highlighters either!
    I wouldn't know it unless I read your review, so I'm glad you shared your experiences with us.
    I love the rose pattern of the first one of Essence, but my preference is the one from Catrice. Very suitable for everyday wear, so I think I might go for that one. The fact that it gives this golden glow to the skin makes me even wanna buy it more :)

    Thank you so much for writing this post
    Again looking forward to your next
    x Isabelle | Outfit Van De Dag
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    1. Thank you dear, I'm thankful you're reading it ;)

      Exactly, I love the Catrice one, it's perfect for everyday, not too noticable but still a nice glow! :)

      Have a great weekend dear <3 xoxo

  10. All it's beautiful dear kiss

  11. Thank you so much for your lovely comment dear <3

    Have a great weekend! :)


  12. Odgovori
    1. Thanks! :) Oh you're collection is not that big either hehe ;)


  13. nice blog, like it! :) I follow you :)

  14. This looks so pretty!