Essence "Like An Unforgettable Kiss" Trend Edition - Preview

it’s time to go weak at the knees with a pounding heart and butterflies in your stomach!
essence puts all beauties in the mood for valentine’s day with the trend edition “like an unforgettable kiss”. the day of love is all about kissing – exciting, tingling and simply unforgettable. the romantic color scheme mainly consists of pink, purple and red, and focuses on this special sign of affection with lovingly decorated products. must-haves include the lip smoother for super-soft and kissable lips, the two-tone blushes with a cute heart embossment as well as the fruity-floral fragrance.
love is in the air

Essence Like An Unforgettable Kiss - Eyeshadow

memorable moments… the three highly-pigmented eyeshadows with a soft texture create gorgeous eye make-up styles in mint, blue and purple with a fashionable pearl effect. a cute eye-catcher: each color is embossed with its own symbol – locks, hearts and puckered lips decorate the different colours.
available in 01 always on my mint, 02 love is in the air and 03 cloud number nine.

Essence Like An Unforgettable Kiss - Lip Smoother

first kiss! the lip smoother makes lips feel wonderfully soft and supple. its light peeling effect evens out small lines around your lips. on top of this, the lip smoother also offers a gorgeous shine and feels nice and pleasant on your lips.
available in 01 keep calm and kiss me.

Essence Like An Unforgettable Kiss - Lipstick

hopelessly in love… the lipsticks in apricot, pink and bright red keeps the focus on beautiful lips. the high-shine finish offers glossy results and long-lasting moisture.
available in 01 nothing but lovestoned, 02 pink me and 03 keep calm and kiss me.
Essence Like An Unforgettable Kiss - Duo Blush

twosome… the duo blush gives your face a gorgeous touch of color thanks to the two perfectly aligned shades with a high pigmentation. a combination of light apricot and vibrant peach or rosé and pink ensures fresh, rosy cheeks. and the cute heart-shaped packaging is an adorable eye-catcher, too.
available in 01 nothing but lovestoned and 02 pink me.

Essence Like An Unforgettable Kiss - Blush Brush

true love! the blush brush made of fine synthetic bristles in pink has a slanted shape that makes it especially easy to capture, distribute and blend powder. the purple heart at the middle gives this brush a totally unique look – wow!
available in 01 dear valentine

Essence Like An Unforgettable Kiss - Nail Polish

apricot, mint, purple and pink are sure to make the hearts of all beauties beat a little faster. the nail polishes offer high coverage and a gel-shine finish for long-lasting, extra-glossy results.
available in 01 nothing but lovestoned, 02 always on my mint, 03 you let my heart skip a beat and 04 pink me.

Essence Like An Unforgettable Kiss - Fragrance

take my breath away! this sparkling, fruity-floral fragrance is as exciting as a first kiss and brings back beautiful memories! the top note with pink grapefruit, mango and tangerine creates a fruity freshness. combined with lily of the valley and raspberry in the middle note, this results in a sweet and floral composition. creamy sandalwood, musk and vanilla in the base note give the fragrance a warm touch. as unique as an unforgettable kiss!

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