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Today I'll show you what I bought from Avon in Campaign 11. 
I have limited myself to buying only two things so I had a hard time choosing :D

1. Nail Expert Hydrate & Grow– 6ml; 2.50€

I actually bought this one because I read so many great reviews.

This is a  Growth boosting treatment, with Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, baobab and acacia extracts to hydrate. Avon claims this treatment gives you longer, stronger feeling nails in just 5 days.
It has an applicator like a normal lipgloss and you just massage the treatment into your nails and cuticles.

On the Avon site this product has an average customer rating of 4,9 out of 5.

I'm not using it long enough to say anything, but I'll definitely make a review in the future.

2. Glimmerstick Diamonds eye liner in Spacey Silver – 2.50€

This is an eye liner in Spacey Silver. That's a black colour with silver glitter in it. It looks so pretty!

I had one of those Glimmerstick Diamonds eye liners, but in a different shade and was very pleased with it.

They last long, don't smear and give just the right amount of glitter without going overboard. I would definitely recommend this if you don't want just a standard eye liner.

Well, that's all for this campaign :)
Take care,

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