First Impressions: Catrice "Treasure Trove" LE - Liquid Liner / Blogmas Day 12

Hello guys :)

Today I'll share with you my first impressions on the Liquid Liner from the Catrice's newest limited edition called Treasure Trove. 

The packaging is totally gorgeous and I have to say the eyeshadow palette from this limited edition is sooo pretty and I really struggled not picking it up, but I do have too much eyeshadows :( So that's why the only thing I picked was this liquid liner, because I needed it!

It's called C01 Golden Grace, and as the name suggest it is a golden colour. It costs 3,29€ and you get 3,5 ml of product. It has a thin brush, which is nice and makes the application easy.

It's a warm yellowish gold colour with fine shimmer. It may be too yellow for some people. The finish is metallic. I love colourful liners, because they really make your eyes pop and just add something special to the eye look :) Especially for this time of year.

I compared it with the Essence liner from their Beach Cruisers LE, because somehow I had in mind that the Essence is a similar colour ?!? I don't know what I was thinking because clearly, I was very wrong :D (Essence is bronze!)

Yeah, the similarity.. *cough* *cough* :D

I hope you enjoyed <3


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  1. Nice review, have a good weekend

  2. Oh my, the gold is so gorgeous!Great find xx

  3. Nice! Nice! Beautiful! Really. Cannot stop reading and viewing the photos! Good find!