First Impressions: BH Cosmetics California Makeup Palette Collection / Blogmas Day 26

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Hey loves :)

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas ;) Today's post is all about the first impressions on the Bh Cosmetics California Makeup Palette Collection - I bought myself the Malibu palette :) It's such a beautiful ,colourful palette and that's why it sold me.

Let me tell you, I was looking for swatches before I bought it and it appeared so much bigger on the photos I saw, then it actually is :D I was quite surprised, because it's so small (it's about as big as A3 format :D), no worries however, since it's suppose to be travel friendly and that for sure is.

You get 16 eyeshadows and 4 face powders.

The packaging is phenomenal, it's extremely beautiful :D Plus you get a mirror in it also.

There are 8 shadows on each of the side, so 16 in total. 6 of them are matte and the other are shimmery.

As I said it also includes 4 highlighting/bronzing powders, which are enormous comparing to the shadows :D

To conclude, I'm really pleased I decided to buy it, since it is quite a unique palette. The shadows perform nicely, some however do have to be build to achieve the colour you'd like, this mostly happens with the matte ones. All in all, it's a wonderful, travel friendly, eye-pleasing palette for about 14€, but Slovenian readers, you can get it currently on Click2chic for 7,48€, which is a bargain!


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